Soaked all over and homebound

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        Janet on #2318

        I am new to this board. I came today because I live in Iowa where we are having excessive humidity at 96% and dew points into the high 70's. I am a 55 yr. old female and I sweat more than anyone I have ever seen or heard about. It's not just my hands and feet but my entire body!!

        Homebound especially this last 2 days and even going to the grocery store, 3 blks. away is impossible. I had to cancel 2 Drs.. appts. last week because of sweating and trying to watch neighbors dogs while she's on vacation and I'm stressed to the max because of the sweating. I'm worried about what to wear to the doctors office on Monday.

        Is there anyone who can relate to this? I get so bad that people in stores will ask me if it's raining outdoors. It rules my life and I hate it. I am sorry for anyone who is this bad.

        Feeling sorry for myself? Am I?

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        Toby on #2376

        Don't worry Janet, we all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes. It can't be helped. 🙁
        Sometimes, in summer, when my night sweating and back sweating are at it's worst, I just wonder why my wife doesn't divorce me already – although of course, she herself is being patient and understanding.

        I hope that your bad hyperhidrosis spell has eased somewhat by now, so that you are at least not homebound. You'll notice that in humid weather many “normal” people also sweat excessively, so it can look like half the population has some form of hyperhidrosis. On those days, I think no one will look strangely at you if you're soaked, so maybe the best thing is just to brave it out.

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        Lee on #2377

        Janet, of course you're feeling sorry for yourself. But you are completely entitled to!
        Lord knows there are worse, life threatening ilnesses out there, and we should be grateful that we only have to deal with sweating…. but my God is it a horrible condition.
        I'm a 24 year old female, I live in London. We don't even have hot weather here 80% of the time, which makes it soooo much more embarrassing when I sweat!
        And when it is hot, I am a bucket of sweat! It's horrible, my confidence is at an all time low, I literally don't know what to wear to work, or in general!
        I suffer mostly from my armpits and feet. Attractive hey! Yes i have it “under control” so not many notice. But by under control I mean, constantly washing my pits (not so easy in out of the home situtations right!?) changing my tops frequently, and wearing so much deodrant and perfume that people can barely breathe around me.
        If I wear tops that don't touch my armpits then i get no sweat patches, but doesnt mean I'm not sweating! Most of the time I keep a jacket on, which gets me hotter and makes me sweat more… 2 hours into a social gathering and I'm freaking out about wether or not I smell, which makes me anxious… and therefore more likely to sweat even more!
        Dating life…what dating life! I'm so uncomfortable with the thought of a guy touching my wet, sweaty pits that I end up just not dating at all!
        Please tell me i'm not alone here. I can't talk about this to friends, they just don't understand, and probably think I'm just unclean. (Ironic hey, as us sufferers probably wash 10 times more than the average joe!)


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        Cynthia Dennis on #2395

        So, I am not the only one to live with a fan by my side at all times. I live wet. I cant wear makeup, have a nice hairdo, wear nice clothes, go shopping without people asking me if I'm ok. I sleep in thermal underwear because my skin cannot touch skin without sweat running. there is no common factor. Temperature, stress, nor activity matters.I cannot predict it and I cannot stop it. If I could live in a pool of cool water, maybe I would be comfortable for a change. Not complaining, just stating facts. I am 65 years old and don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity. my research on this has not revealed much hope for a cure, so I continue to live wet.

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        Susan on #2818

        I thought I was the only one dealing with this. I am 62, overweight and diabetic. Perhaps my diabetic nerve pain medicine could be the culprit for this constant sweating which is mostly under my breasts, groin, and entire back. I have cut the dosage in half but that hasn't helped. Just moving around and doing light housework sets it off in my home. Also I've noticed eating and drinking coffee causes more sweating. It used to be summer that I experienced this but now in cold weather. I can't wear sweaters or a coat in my car. I wear summer clothes and sleeveless cotton nightgowns to bed. My armpits, hands and feet are not affected, so I can't find any product for my condition.

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        Tanmoy Chakravorty on #3245

        Hey all……..
        i have been there, done that ALL that you ppl are talking.
        But hello…'s the solution(not permanent Cure…but will hit bigtime though)

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        Jessie Han on #3670

        I also suffered in my whole life, and it was awful. My girlfriend broke up with me after 10 years, during which I went through this crazy depression and basically stopped giving a shoot for a few weeks. I did nothing. My level of foul was very high. During that time I started jogging, which had an equal effect, i believe.
        I came out of it like this: in 90% of the social situations, no sweat, no problem. I refuse to wear antiperspirant anymore, only deodorant.
        Now, I still sweat a lot. With the first 10 minutes of a workout or dancing, im generally drenched. Not sexy when dancing.
        The thing is, I just don’t care anymore. And the less i care, the less it happened, so go figure.
        My solution for you if you are in a pool of your sweat? Raise you arms and stretch. You have to shake a hand, or hug a girl, do it without shame.
        Then do that for the rest of your life.

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        Rabalabeecca on #4011

        Uhh.. All are showering their sympathy on Janet. Me too felt sorry for you. Coz I had undergone such awkward moment in my life. I can understand your feelings well my dear. I could neve wear light colored Tees that I wish. It's my colleague who suggested a solution to my never ending nightmare. As per her suggestion, I had undergone an Excessive Sweating Treatment from a Toronto based laser clinic ( ). Now I'm free to wear what I wish. You can also go for this treatment. And one thing is that pls be careful about the clinic and the doctor you choose. Good Luck!!!!

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        Gabby Alexandra Durgin on #4032

        Hi guys!

        I have had hyperhidrosis since before I was 7. I am now 22. I think it's gotten worse. But that may also be because when you are little you are not as aware about the social struggles. My hands, feet, and armpits sweat. Sometimes in stressful situations or when it's summer my back, upper lip and in between my legs will sweat. It has definitely impacted my life socially, emotionally and sometimes physically. I hate shaking people's hands because they immediately wipe it off on their pant leg. I will sweat in hot or cold weather. It was definitely hard growing up from elementary school through college with hyperhidrosis because people are very judgemental. I have gotten made fun of and asked why I sweat so much. It grosses people out even some of my own family members. I notice I have to carry spare clothing, deodorant and perfume with me. I can't wear sandals because I will slide around in them especially if going down a hill. It does get better in the aspect of social interactions. I find joking your way out of things helps as well as surrounding yourself with good friends who don't judge. As for the love department, there are sweet guys out there that embrace all of you including the sweaty aspects of you. Thanks for reading! Best of luck and know that you are not alone and it does get better 🙂

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        Martha Andriekus on #4110

        I know all too well how you feel. I have tried eveverything but surgety. I read every response to your post and have, to one responder, tried Botox. I guess it doesn't work for everyone!
        Living in Michigan winters are cold. I don't wear winter coats and don't even look at clothing with long legs or sleeves. Quite frankly, if I had the guts, I'd just go away and not come back. Everything I do is drippy and exhausting. Like others, this isn't my only health problem.

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          Stan Tanchev on #4122

          Try drysol and antihydral

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        Stan Tanchev on #4121

        Hey Martha! I use drysol for my armpits which keeps me dry for 10 days,and antihydral for palms! Give them a try really works

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        Olivia on #4234

        Hey Guys,

        I'm in the same boat as you all as well and it super sucks!! I'm a 25 year old female living in England (its not even that hot here!!) I've had HH for as long as I can remember, but like you all, as I get older it becomes more and more of a problem as you find yourself in more and more situations where sweating is prominent. I've got a load of hobbies too which I can't excel at any of them because of sweating. I sweat mainly on my hands and feet but when I get nervous or on really hot days its just everywhere, gross! I love playing my cello, cross stitching and playing tennis but I can't do any of these properly when I sweat and it's so infuriating! I'm also a research student and hence am required to talk a lot in public at conferences etc. and it's so unpleasant, even on a cold day I will sweat through my clothes during a presentation 🙁 It makes it look like I'm super nervous, when I'm really not!!

        I've still not found a cure and I am never going to do ETS because I don't think it will ever be worth it but I've got an extremely supporting family and boyfriend who always want to find ways to help me, so make sure you find people in your life who you can talk to about it! Even if they don't have it, they will understand and support you. My parents chipped in and bought me the ionotospheris machine so I am going to plough through with that on my hands and feet and see how it works out, I will keep you all posted if it works for me as it seems like the best shot at the moment!

        Good luck everyone and don't be afraid to talk to people about it who you are close to, if they are good friends they will understand and it will make you feel better knowing there are people out there who will support you!

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        J Sch on #4259

        I'm back..I lost my way and so sorry for that!! My sweating has only gotten worse and mainly my face, head, neck, chest, arm pits, private areas, and legs. Nothing on my feet. I did read that someone had to dress in thermal at night because the sweat would make the skin soak in with whatever it was touching and my legs get so soaked when I'm laying on my side that I can barely turn over without a paddle boat paddle!!

        Summers are worse but it can happen in the grocery store or anywhere anytime. I too, can't wear any make-up or do my hair. It's always tied back. I have a anxiety disorder which makes it worse and the sweating exacerbates the anxiety. When anxiety kicks in, for example when in the checkout lane at grocery store, I'm asking the clerk for a paper towel and sometimes I don't even have to ask! I've since, started carrying those cool towels. The ones you get wet and shake 3 times to wrap around your neck.

        When you start to get hot, the towel gets cooler. Funny how it works but it does. Problem is finding them in discrete colors. Mine are bright orange and green. This may help you or someone else

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