Sweat-Less and DeodoRite

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        Melanie on #1651

        First of all, to explain the title:

        Sweat-Less(TM) and DeodoRite(TM) are FDA-registered natural homeopathic remedies for hyperhidrosis.

        I discovered them fairly recently, and ordered one bottle of Sweat-Less. I never used it as a standalone remedy, because I also use iontophoresis (I own Idromed 5 PC). Still, Sweat-Less aims to reduce sweating all over the body – something I can't affect with iontophoresis alone. I think there is some improvement, but I'm not sure. I don't want to stop my Idromed treatments just to check… It's too risky!

        In case someone else gets this, I would love to hear if it worked for you. Here's the link, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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        Jason on #4299


        Does DeodoRite really helped you? How long have you've been using it? I used it for about 3 weeks, it did not worked. After I already contacted the person I bought it from (I bought it on EBAY), he said it was too soon for me to see results. But I didn't keep using it as I was desperate to try other things. I am sweating a lot and facing big trouble during social situations due to this excessive perspiration. I really want to get rid of that sweaty patch on my clothes. Do you have any other remedies?

        Thanks in advance.

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        Paul on #5510

        Hey! I tried this product for a couple of months but I did not experience any positive results. Such a waste of time and money. Don't ever buy this item!

        One day I was really worried about the sweating and applied the drops directly into my mouth four or five times before leaving home and my underarm sweating became even worse than usual. Also as this is an expensive and natural product, I am very disappointed. I really hoped this was going to be a great remedy. But it was not.

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        Lovekiss on #6030

        hi ! paul
        I also experience excessive sweating in my armpits I've tried different deodorants but nothing works for me so far. But through my curiosity i did Pick the best Deodorant that is the wild card, the most important things about the deodorant you pick: Generally the less ingredients, the better, if you want something natural – if a hippy would dig it, it’s good. Unscented, or minimal scent – a lot of scented deodorants have unnecessary substances that makes you sweat. So i suggest that you choose the best deodorant .

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        mia on #6184

        Hello !
        The best deodorant for sweat may contain active ingredients that may be too harsh for sensitive skin. Fragrance and alcohols are among the ingredients the ingredients that may cause severe allergy for skin with higher sensitivity. Regardless, this should not be a reason to cut antiperspirant deodorants entirely. Best deodorant for sweat can offer natural and organic ingredient that is milder yet still effective in controlling perspiration.The best deodorants for underarms have many advantages: they stop the formation of bacteria that causes body odor. They contain alcohol and antimicrobial agents that help to reduce bacteria. But there are some disadvantages too which may affect your health. So it’s best to look at the ingredients of deodorants.hope this would help.

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        arthur on #6291

        hey guys
        I was also a sweaty person all throughout my body ,and it feels like i was in place of nowhere that air and coolness doesn't exist anymore. But throughout my curiosity i try DeodoRite and SweatLess and i found out that this are natural medicines made of 100% homeopathic ingredients. Since homeopathic remedies have no known side effects or interactions with other medicine or herbal supplements, they are also safe to use for all ages. It is really an effective product , for me it is my best proof for my sweats.

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        kara on #6626

        I have sweaty arm pits all the time since I have started middle school. Every morning, I am in school, when I was sweeping… Little by little, sweat comes out in my armpits. Uggh!!! I hate it very much; I just roll my sleeves but its turning bigger and bigger… Even when I put tissue on it, they just torn of and still the sweat is still visible. Ever since it started I’ve had low confidence and I mostly wear only black shirts or sweaters (since the sweat doesn't show). If I don't have either of those I wear a dark jacket over my shirt the whole day even if I’m hot. Please help!!!

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