Sweating at night

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        Toby on #1229

        A few weeks ago I mentioned my problems with night sweating, partly due to my overactive sweat glands and partly due to the fact we don't have an air conditioner in the bedroom. Since then, my night sweating got even worse.
        I've grown extremely tired thanks to waking up 3-4 times every night. Changing my clothes doesn't help, because the sheets are wet on my side of the bed, and them I cannot change without waking my wife. So, to at least let her sleep decently, sometimes I end up sleeping on the carpet. Honestly, this feels like having insomnia.
        Antiperspirants stopped helping because applying them in the evening doesn't help much – I sweat during day and night. I've been to the doctor and my night sweating is caused by hyperhidrosis only. Any ideas on how to reduce it? The affected areas are neck, back, armpits, palms, feet… In fact now my excessive sweating is worse at night than during the day.

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        Sean M. on #1237

        Try wearing sweat-proof undershirts or pajamas while you sleep, if it's not too uncomfortable for you. And how about moving the bed next to the window, and sleeping near an open window perhaps? You can leave the door open to help the air stream through the room. This might help you stop excessive sweating while you sleep.

        Oh and use the sheets made from cooler materials (like satin, silk, etc) I know they're expensive, but they helped me reduce night sweating a lot.

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