Switching from Botox to Iontophoresis

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    • Dilloon on #5799

      Hi There,

      About three months ago I was treated for hyperhydrosis with botox injections in my hands. This had great results for 3 months. Unfortunately, the sweating has started to come back, however, not nearly to the extent it originally was.

      I am considering trying the Iontophoresis devices, but I am uncertain which product on the market I should try to purchase and get/try insurance to cover. Ideally, I would try a brand with a 2-month return policy so that I can see if the product works on me.

      I am interested to hear what you think!

    • dave on #5823

      Botox needs retreatment to be able to maximize its potential, around seven months treatment is need. As per the machine, I would suggest Hidrex. I don't recall if it has 2-month return policy since I am not planning to return it. For me it is effective.

    • judith on #6096

      Hi, im a 15 year old girl, and am suffering from excessive sweat under arms. A couple months ago i complained to my parents that it wont stop, and that i cant wear any of my favorite clothes out in public…i even bursted out crying in front of them. So later that week i went to go see the doctor and told her about the problem, and she recommended something like “Drysol” that has high aluminum chloride, or a type of deorderant with 20% of aluminum chloride…she also recommended “Botox” or “surgery” Drysol doesn't work for me so i did try the botox injection yet quite expensive.

    • raffy on #6138

      Hey Guys, I've dealt with terrible underarm sweat for years and have tried everything. Iontophoresis products are good but it still doesn't effective to me so i tried Botox yet it was expensive but very good . I recently found an amazingly like the result of it and i recently go to my doctor for my treatment so it very difficult to tell you so must try it and is made to stop sweat from going unto your outside shirt — no kidding, I love it and I feel more confident than I have in years. I'm blown a way.Check it out,

    • lary on #6443

      I sweat everywhere, hands, feet, armpits, body, scalp etc, you name it and i have sweated there. I am sporty and often worry about sweat patches on clothing in school and what is worse, is that i tend to smell after a while of sweating. Sometimes I sweat for no reason. sitting in class, reading a book etc. Normally one would sweat when there is some emotional activity but I can be calm yet still sweat. I can look at my fingertips and visibly see sweat seeping through my pores… i also have dark underarms, it gets worse when i have just finished working out, or playing a sport, it gets darker. I have tried a whole range of deodorants that only worked for a while. I have been to my dermatologist and he suggested I go remove my glands under my arms and I will be sweat free, but I fear what the info has states in the above article. I really don't know what to do, as many people tell you to do one thing and then you get the rest saying you should not. Does iontophoresis is advisable for me? thanks in advance

    • warren on #6444

      For me, i sweat as crazy as ever! I bought this machine last month, and I feel so great as ever. My hyperhidrosis is pretty gone. I am so thankful that I used the iontophoresis product it was really amazing and effective, must buy this for yourself and you'll see the difference. It really control the sweating .
      Fabulous! Hope this would help. thanks

      • Sheila on #6522

        which machine you use?

      • Jessice on #7054

        Which device did you use?

    • dahlia on #6880

      If you sweat when you walk across an air-conditioned office or lie down at night, it can be a real hassle. Many people may think you're not hygienic or healthy, when, really, this condition can't be helped. Some people sweat excessively or experience hot flushes, day and night. But only 1% of people who experience excessive sweating the medical term for sweating too much what we call hyperhidrosis and it can cause social, emotional, and physical issues.

    • Sam on #7312

      I tried both Botox and Iontophoresis and my decision is Iontophoresis. I've been doing iontophoresis for almost 2 years now. I would say that I am more or less satisfied. My hands are now dry for about 90% which is acceptable for me. Of course the tradeoff is money over time. So you have to choose for yourself. Iontophoresis is a one-time purchase, whereby Botox is not.

    • Matias on #7404

      I don't like botox, I don't like some persons talking about the botox. Better said I don't like word “BOTOX”.

      Thanks to iontophoresis, I gave the long-term relief that I was looking for. No more sweaty hands ,no more sweaty feet. I received new life. Definitely I recommend, for this long effects and very comfortability, it's worth it.

    • Jerry Tanedo on #8147

      I strongly suggest you to switch to iontophoresis. With iontophoresis you are in control of your treatment, like if you want to add more water, or salt etc. With Botox if you are not that satisfied with the result, then I dunno what you have to do? Still do iontophoresis? This was exactly my experience, since Botox was not covered by insurance, so I paid $1000 for the first treatment. After injections were made the doctor told me that if I wanted for it to be gone, it would cost around $2000-$3000. I also don't know if it's healthy to get like 2-3 botox injection sessions every year.

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