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    • henry on #6276

      haii everyone!
      Are looking for some effective clothes that will help you to have a comfy life and shield your sweats from being notice ? Well i recommend you to try the ItsDri Undershirt , ItsDri sweat proof undershirt is one of the best sweat proof undershirt available in the market today. The fabric is outstanding and it is super comfortable to wear all day. It looks great on you with or without an outer shirt and performs remarkably well in terms of sweat proofing. This undershirt is really amazing,! It is really a best shield when I sweat a lot. I really appreciate wearing this undershirt coz it never disappoint my lifestyle in terms of clothes comfy..
      All in all, this product is really impressive with its ability to not just prevent sweat marks, but also that it did not stink at all!

      What are you waiting for? Must try this product. Hope this would help. thanksss….

    • gabby on #6354

      hey henry
      already tried the Itsdri undershirt ,you are right it was really effective ,but for some reason i am not really that comfortable to wear this product due to the pads bulkiness.

    • randy on #6355

      good day
      I am also a sweaty person and recently found the ItsDri undershirt also and has completely helped me to avoid being sweaty from time to time. I sweat less than I ever experienced before. However, I will be gladder to use this every time if there are some assorted colors available.I was so relief when I wore this product cannot imagine that this is very helpful in fighting my pits problem. I am glad that I found you.

    • SIMON on #6393

      I have been suffering for years and embarrassed to be out in public and now I no longer have that problem. I have been looking for a solution for years and the first time I wore one of the ItsDri shirts, I notice that there are no sweat stains in my shirt that is noticeable! I can be out all day and come home in the evening and I am still dry and ouder free. The Itsdri undershirt really makes my life complete.

    • walter on #6394

      I was also once a very sweaty person , every minute i sweat even in a air condition room. Tried one of the Itsdri undershirt for the first time and my dress shirt stayed completely dry and cool, it boosted my confidence. I also found out that it is really effective as days past by using this product. I had some problems with the pads but this didn't affect the performance of the product at all.

      hope this would help.

    • gabriel on #6549

      I have suffered from excessive sweating under my arms for many years now and I have tried all sorts of herbal and over the counter chemical remedies. Some of these worked but had unpleasant side effects and I was in some cases unable and in others unwilling to continue using these products. So I reverted back to wearing layers of clothing in an attempt to hide the sweat marks on my shirts, which was not only hot and embarrassing but also costly, as the shirts needed to be replaced more frequently. Then I discovered the Itsdri undershirts website, I was a little dubious as to whether the claims and testimonials were true, as there are so many fraudulent claims on the web, however I thought I'd try them and see for myself. I am delighted to say that I have found the information to be true and factual. They are comfortable to wear and very discrete under a good quality shirt. I will definitely be placing another order in the future

    • asher on #6633

      I have sweat excessively since I was in middle school. Working out, running, sitting and not moving. I sweat worse under the armpits and sometimes the groin. I do have very sensitive armpits so can't use strong antiperspirants while other don't help and also I'm not too keen on chemicals they are made of. So now I'm using a natural deodorant and underarm pads that stop sweating from showing, at least most of the time. It is problem and everybody has to find its own way how to deal with it. But I am still looking for some effective product that will help me.

    • Dave Saine on #8029

      Anyone heard about ADVADRI? For me it is the best sweat proof undershirt money-wise. The price is a lot lower than the Thompson Tee brand, but the features are quite similar. Also, the ADVADRI has a wider variety of designs for undershirts – from crop-top and full-length camisoles for the ladies to crew-neck and V-neck shirts for the men.

      Undershirts are made of high quality 100% cotton fabric that absorbs armpit sweat, stains and odor. Undershirts with sweat-proof armpit pads will prevent any armpit sweat from getting on outer clothing such as a dress shirt, suit, sport coat, blazer, blouse, uniform etc…

    • Jayjay on #8137

      I have tried the one from Thompson Tee. I would say it will keep you looking dry, but it's not the most comfortable thing to wear. I felt having a huge diaper in my armpits all day. Also, while nobody else will see the sweat, your armpits will still be damp from the accumulated sweat in the armpit padding.
      I have also tried ItsDri, the undershirt is very long. To the point that it is hard use bathroom in standing position. But overall it does its job, It's actually breathable and doesn't overwhelm you with too much weight under your arms, but I would be more comfortable in cotton.

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