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    • Jacob on #5083

      I ONLY sweat under my armpits. It does not matter if its 10 degrees outside or if I'm in the driest place on Earth my pits will always be super saturated. It's really frustrating that if I am doing anything in public, then it is supersoak time.

      I ordered the shirt as a last ditch effort, subconsciously KNOWING it would not work for me because I sweat A LOT. I received the package very fast in fact, a few days earlier than expected. When I opened it I was shocked at how thick and dare I say: Diapery the hydro-shield was. I felt let down because during inspection, it looked like a thick piece of cotton that you can see through. And we all know that no amount of cotton can stop our sweaty armpits.

      Later that night, when my wife and I had to go to Wal-Mart, I curiously slipped on the Thompson Tee and wore a lime green shirt over it. But I wanted to put it to the test. I checked my pits every ten minutes or so and nothing at all every time.It did not make and detectable noise for me to hear. And it felt like a warm towel under my armpits because it absorbed the sweat really well. The shirt manufacturer states that the sweat absorbed will evaporate with the natural bellow-like movement your arms create when moving them. I am so happy for whole trip without sweat marks on my outer shirt! I turned the shirt inside out and allowed the shirt to dry so I could use it the next day.

    • Zandro on #5482

      This undershirt has been life changing. With the Thompson Tee, I can wear any dress shirt in any situation and not have to worry about underarm sweat showing, ever!
      However, the shirt does have some quirks. First, I can usually feel the pads under my arms, which is a bit weird. And from my experience, once the pads get wet, they stay wet all day, and that takes some getting used to. On a related note, the shirt takes a bit longer to dry after being washed. One time I went to work with it still wet and it was highly uncomfortable. But the wetness still didn't show through my shirt.
      Those are just a couple of trade-offs for the ability to wear my shirts without visible sweat under my arms, and the confidence that goes with that mentality. Highly recommend!

    • lucas on #6417

      good day!
      I have a really bad sweat problem. I take a shower every day in the morning before I leave the house to go to school and have found that this doesn't work. I have tried using various types of deodorant, none being effective whatsoever.. apart from one which was no use really because the smell of the deodorant was very noticeable. It is also a trouble at work, where I must wear a white shirt I have considered quitting and getting a job where a uniform is not necessary, however I am still asking frequently what is the best remedies in preventing this problem.

    • philipe on #6601

      I have sweaty arm pits all the time since I have started middle school since then my life has been a struggle everyday trying to find something that can help me. Im not sure if its related to anxiety nervousness or simply just being hot and unable to tolerate it.. But since I started to used the Thompson tee I love this new t shirts they are great I love them I have been wearing them for year; There are so many things I love about this shirt! The fabric, the fit; but the pads are a no go for me it is a bit bulky. This isn't the one I want. Hoping they will notice.

    • Ryan on #7900

      I also have excessive sweating, so this shirt is a lifesaver for me! While it seem very pricey, if you think about it, if you go to any high end department stores, a regular basic t-shirt is like the same price. So in that sense, this is extremely worth it despite its relatively high price. Regardless, I like this shirt because it soaks up my sweat and keep me feeling dry. I highly recommend this for those who have armpit sweating problems. The only downside is the sweat doesn't evaporate away, so you're left with a gross, cold, soaked feeling all day. The shirt will stay soaked for several days after you take it off and put it in the laundry. I'd recommend buying more than one.

    • Jeff Day on #8223

      Working as an outside sales, I couldn't work confidently with excessive sweating from my underarms. I decided to try the Thompson Tee as a way to fix this problem. They worked fairly well for the first couple uses. Tried these shirts for approximately two weeks. But then I started to see sweat coming through right along the seam of the pads. This leaves sweat marks in an even more noticeable location. This is a decent product, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. The item description states “guaranteed to stop 100% of armpit sweat!” This is inaccurate. I followed the care directions, and I still sweat through these shirts.

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