Tips on Coping with Palmar Hyperhidrosis

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        Leb on #852

        How do you hide it?
        As I just wrote in another topic, iontophoresis isn't really my thing and this forced me to be resourceful and find other ways to fight it. I wish we could wear socks on our hands! Oh wait, I know, there is something like that … but I cannot wear gloves all the time, all year long. 😛 :mrgreen:

        Often I just keep wiping my sweaty hands against my pants or the insides of my pockets. Sometimes I pretend I have just washed my hands and it's water – but these tricks only work in some informal occasions. I also powder my hands with baby powder when I'm at home – that helps a little.

        How do you deal with overactive sweat glands in your palms? What are your secrets? Let's find a sweaty hands cure together!

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        Wallace Trent on #914

        Iontophoresis ended my quest for a sweaty hands cure, so I will try to remember how I dealt with palmar hyperhidrosis before.

        1) Rubbing in antiperspirant into my palms before sleep. It would help even if I would wash hands the next morning
        2) Wearing a special pair of gloves, made from a speed-drying fabric.
        3) Cooling the hands regularly – washing them in cold water, using ice.

        These are the top three things that come to mind!

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        Casper on #995

        1) Rubbing in antiperspirant into my palms before sleep. It would help even if I would wash hands the next morning

        This. For me it's the best way to keep sweaty palms under control. 😀 Since I constantly have a good stash of antiperspirants to keep my excessive underarm sweating in check, using the same products to treat my palms makes things simple and practical. 😉

        I also like to keep small cooling gel bags in my pockets when going out. That way I can seamlessly cool my hands without drawing attention to myself. 😀

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        Leb on #1000

        Casper you're a genious – I love the cooling gel packs tip! 💡 😀 Why on earth haven't I thought of that??
        Do you have any particular cooling gels to recommend?
        I would like to try homemade gel packs and save money in the long run, but that's probably not a good idea given that I don't want to risk wet pockets or gels that will warm up too quickly. WHat do you think?

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        Anil Shah on #5626


        There are a variety of techniques to decrease sweating:

        • Botox- Botox is helpful in that it can decrease the production of sweat but not odor.  It typically lasts about 6 months in the under arm area.
        • Miradry-  Miradry uses microwave energy to destroy apocrine and eccrine glands.  It is better at eccrine gland destruction than apocrine and is currently only used on the underarm area.
        • RF needling- Can be used anywhere on the body and can destroy both apocrine and eccrine glands.  Has become the procedure of choice in my practice for hyperhidrosis due to its effectiveness.
        • Nerve ablation-Not commonly performed anymore as side effects are often worse than treatment and effectiveness is often limited.
        • Oral medications- Too many side effects to be effective.
        • Topical medications- Works by blocking glands.  Many patients state how not effective mechanism.

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