Treating back sweating with Hidrex

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      Toby on #1298

      Trying to find something that could put an end to my night sweating & back sweating, I ran into this:

      Big Hidrex Applicator

      Ordering this on top of the regular Hidrex package should make it possible to treat back (or chest) sweating. I tried looking for some more information on this, and according to the guys from Hidrex, a lot of these applicators were sold and people did not ask for refunds – so presumably they got results.

      I wonder if any Hidrex users here on network have more knowledge about this? I can only guess that I would need someone's assistance to set up the applicator on my back and run the iontophoresis. It feels clumsy, to tell the truth.


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      Lucas on #1301

      The applicator you linked looks like it could get the job done if you can firmly adjust it to your body. Definitely ask someone to assist you (a family member..?) The same person can also make sure that your applicator is properly wet, and to adjust the voltage and everything after you lie down.

      Good luck with this! 🙂

    • Toby on #8041

      Hi, I noticed that my last treatments were just a little more painful in my right hand. I juat used some hand cream after the treatment to ease the pain. Should I lower the current? Or maybe I should change polarity every week, will it be ok? I saw after some cracks on my right palm after the treatment, but after using some cream they disappeared. Are the cracks mean I am overdry? It's a little paintful on that area.

    • Romulo on #8216

      I have used the HIDREX PSP1000. This unit is really expensive and can only treat one area at a time. The good thing about this unit is you can treat yourself at home without assistance. This machine offers both a pulsed and direct current setting. Direct Current applies power to the patient 100% of the time and therefore gives the strongest effect. Switching the unit to Pulsed Current will provide a much milder treatment experience and this allows the user to increase power to a level not normally possible when using Direct Current on more sensitive areas. There are also other brands with good reputations that can be safely used at home. Each machine has its own set of instructions, but the general process is similar.

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