use sea water for Iontophoresis

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        amir tehrani on #6701

        i used normal water but it's not working well
        is it ok to use sea water for Iontophoresis?

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        dannah on #6879

        Iontophoresis decreases the pH value in the sweat gland, which makes it more acidic and reduces the amount of sweat produced. It involves using an iontophoresis machine to pass a weak electrical current through the affected areas of the skin by immersing them in either trays filled with water or through water soaked sponge underarm pads. The current is passed one way for a fixed time and then reversed for the same amount of time. Iontophoresis can only be used for hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet and armpits. Hope this would help. THANKS.

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        Sidd on #7693

        I have a question. Would it be the best idea to start iontophoresis at a hospital first or could I be successful buying a machine on my own and beginning treatment at my house? I would have to buy it out of my own pocket. Basically the question is whether I could buy a machine and use on my own successfully without going through all the hassle of finding a doctor and waiting forever to start treatment only to eventually be told to do it at home.

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        Jessie on #8186

        Hello Sidd,

        If you has not consulted a medical professional and has purchased a machine on your own, the problem may be that you do not have a sufficient plan. Well, you either need to consult a professional, or learn how to use iontophoresis efficiently in order to make a plan that will work.

        Iontophoresis takes at least two weeks of consistent use to show results, sometimes longer. When you discontinue out of frustration, this can greatly impact results. It is best to give iontophoresis time to work. If no progress is seen after several weeks, you should ideally consult a doctor who can help them come up with a new course of action. So it would be best to consult a doctor prior to buying the machine.


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