Your Ideal Iontophoresis Voltage?

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        Toby on #1670

        Attention all iontophoresis users! 🙂

        What would be your ideal iontophoresis voltage? By ideal, I mean the preferred one – the one that gives you the best results, the one that you basically keep your settings on during a usual iontophoresis treatment.

        I got surprised seeing that some people use very different settings, so I wanted to see just how different they are, what is the lowest and the highest voltage, etc.

        To answer my own questions: I am using a Fischer Galvanic MD-2, and my ideal voltage is 18V. I am still a newbie at iontophoresis, so maybe these settings will change over time.

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        Casper on #1686

        I have to say it is a very low voltage in my case. Only 13-14V at 60-70% pulsed current for palmar hyperhidrosis. I have very sensitive and very sweaty palms, and for some reason I have problems when using stronger iontophoresis.

        Reading that some people use up to 24V made me go. 😯 I think that higher current also means less iontophoresis treatments, and maybe the dryness lasts longer. I rather have a super low current and do iontophoresis more often.

        In case the type of the iontophoresis machine matters, I have a Hidrex. Which reminds me – do you think some machines are stronger than the others?

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