How To Apply Antiperspirant

How to apply Antiperspirant

How to apply Antiperspirant

So, you have been applying the maximum strength antiperspirant you could find to your armpits religiously everyday and it did not work?

Chances are – its not the antiperspirant, its you! How to apply antiperspirant, and when you apply antiperspirant is as important. if not more, than a particular brand of antiperspirant. Let's talk about when first.

When to apply antiperspirant?

Most people (including yours truly till recently) apply antiperspirants just like deodorant – in the morning, after the shower. That makes sense – you want to remain fresh for the rest of the day after you shower and applying antiperspirant after shower is logical. Correct?

No.. not really! The best time to apply antiperspirant is before you go to sleep, in the night. The worst time? You guessed it – in the morning after the shower!

Why you ask? Antiperspirant work by blocking the sweat duct with the aluminium molecules. For them to work the way they are supposed to, antiperspirants need a period of time when they can work on the sweat pores, without getting washed out by the sweat.  Nighttime is the time when (most of us) do not sweat. The sweat ducts are less active and the antiperspirant you apply has a chance to do it magic by plugging the pores. Once the antiperspirant has plugged the sweat pores, the effects usually last for a day or so and washing your armpits over in the morning will not cause the affect to go away.

By applying your antiperspirant in the morning, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your sweat glands are active in the morning, and the antiperspirant molecules are washed off almost as soon as they try to plug in the pores.

So, go back to the antiperspirant you rejected as not effective and give it one more try – this time, apply the antiperspirant in the night before you go to bed and chances are, the antiperspirant actually works!

How to apply antiperspirant?

The second question is how to apply antiperspirant. Most of us apply antiperspirants just like a deodorant – rub/roll/spray and done. It does not work like that.

Here's what usually happens – if you have any residual material on your skin (say previous deodorant, antiperspirant, sweat or…  whatever), the will prevent the antiperspirant mechanism to work. As previously stated, antiperspirants need a dry area where the aluminium compound can get into the sweat pore and block it. If you have any foreign material on your skin , it will make the job of the antiperspirant that much more difficult.

So, clean up the area of treatment and let it dry before you apply antiperspirant. It will most likely result in much better results for you!

I know it sounds like too much of science on how to apply antiperspirant, but what will you rather have – sweaty armpits every day, or 5 minutes of well planned antiperspirant application once a week?


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