Patient Stories

Here are some real hyperhidrosis patients sharing their stories

Read on… as we said, you are not alone!

Over the Counter Antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis
Over the Counter Antiperspirants: A Brief Guide
Antiperspirants are usually the first line of defense for Excessive Sweating, and works reasonably well for a good proportion of
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Hyperhidrosis Patient Story
Learning To Live With Hyperhidrosis
If I remember correctly, I was sixteen when I first started suspecting that something is wrong with the way I
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Hyperhidrosis Patient Story
I Have Hyperhidrosis And Now I'm Trying To Spread Awareness
I've had hyperhydrosis for as long as I can remember. I'm 22 now and it still affects my life; I
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How Antiperspirant Works
Antiperspirants For Hyperhidrosis
Antiperspirants For Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirants are the least invasive, inexpensive and easy to use of all the hyperhidrosis treatments. These are
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