Patient Stories

Here are some real hyperhidrosis patients sharing their stories

Read on… as we said, you are not alone!

Fischer MD-2 Iontophoresis Machine in Pictures
Recently, I got to lay my hands on a Fischer MD-2 for this review (courtesy: SweatLessHands). This post provides a
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No Sweat Book
Launching No Sweat Book!
Finally, I published my book on Hyperhidrosis. Its now available on Amazon all across the globe…Technology makes it easy.. ain't
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Sweaty Hands – Treatment Options
So you have sweaty hands? And by sweaty I don't mean sweat in hot, humid conditions or after a round
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How We Sweat
Sweating (also called perspiration) is the release of a salty liquid from the body's sweat glands. Sweat is an important mechanism
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