I've had hyperhydrosis for as long as I can remember. I'm 22 now and it still affects my life; I sweat all over! It has affected me mentally, and because of it I have grown up to be socially withdrawn, which greatly hinders my profession, as I am a journalist. Since I am so conscious of my condition, oftentimes I am afraid to greet anyone, for fear of having to do a simple handshake. I fear that people will judge me because I sweat so profusely. I'm even conscious around my boyfriend of five years, even though he has explicitly told me he is fine with it and it doesn't bother him. I know what it's like to worry about the color of clothes you wear and I know what it's like to just feel miserable. I've even had to quit some sports because of my sweaty hands!

It is because of this that I am now trying to spread awareness of this medical condition. I am an LA based journalist looking to erase this social stigma. As such, I am looking for LA based sufferers to share their story with me. If this would be possible, please feel free to comment below or personal message me!

Note: As a professional, my stories tend to get published. However, if you wish to share your story with me but do not wish to be published in my article, that is O.K. too!