Hyperhidrosis and Scammers: How to Save Yourself the Trouble

Hyperhidrosis Scams

Hyperhidrosis Scams

Hyperhidrosis is unfortunately one of those conditions which are socially painful enough for patients to really want to cure it, yet embarrassing enough to prevent patients from sharing their condition with others, thus drawing a barrier to a credible guidance.

Thus, a perfect playground for internet-quacks offering miracle (7, 30, 50 day) cures to your excessive sweat forever. I have a few problem with these people, and I want to use whatever voice I have through this network to educate fellow Hyperhidrosis patients on how to avoid this trap.

Why do I have problem with Hyperhidrosis Quacks?

  • First, I think its downright unethical to claim that you have a solution to something when you don't have any. Hyperhidrosis does not have any real solution (all the legitimate treatments focus on suppressing the symptoms)
  • Secondly, I don't like the idea of exploiting excessive sweat patients social anxiety to gain unreasonable monetary gains. Again, i dont have problem with people making money when they provide real help – just with people who are providing a badly written, ill-researched e-book for tens/hundred of $s
  • Not only the hypehidrosis patients lose their hard earned money to such scams, but more importantly it leaves a physiological scar making them further anxious (“My hyperhidrosis is not treatable”). And make the patients wary to try even the legitimate treatments from thereon.

How to identify Hyperhidrosis Quacks

There, I said it – I have a strong opinion on all sorts of people offering their miracle potions/guides to stop your excessive sweat overnight. It might be painting a lot of people with the same brush, but after doing a lot of research over last few years, and burning a non-trivial amount of money trying almost everything offered by these internet scammers, I think I have a well researched point of view on these.

Here are some obvious signs that the resource you are considering for treating your hyperhidrosis is a scam:

  • Website – Often, the website is a very good clue. Hit the back button as soon as you see the following:
    • The website address is a combination of “sweat” and a strong verb like “stop”, “cure”, “free yourself”. I don't want to get too explicit here, but I think you will get a very good idea of a source's legitimacy once you look at the domain name.
    • The website has very few pages (<20), and the pages are more or less crammed with the keyword designed to attract search engines (be wary if you see more than 4 mentions of Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweat on one page)
    • There are pics of smiling customers providing testimonials on how the treatment changed their lives – most of such websites do that in order to increase their non-existant credibility. Don't fall for it – unless the testimonials have the email/phone number of the customers (I guarantee you, very few of them will be able to produce any evidence that the customers are real)
  • Product – next comes the product
    • Product is an e-book – anybody nowadays can produce a good looking ebook for under $50. This is not to say that ebooks are not good, but for something like hyperhidrosis treatment, I wont trust one unless it comes as recommendation from someone I know personally
    • The e-book has a never before offer which is about to expire soon – most of the internet products will come with a highly attractive “temporary” discount basically designed to make you that impulse purchase then and there. Don't fall for it – the discount will be there tomorrow and a year later
    • There are additional freebies like CD thrown in – all of that is (usually) junk designed to make your purchase look worth it

So, what do to?

The problem with internet is – its easy to walk unsuspecting into the doors of thousands of such quacks. However, the same internet also puts a tremendous amount of power in your hands. Trust the legitimate sites such as Wikipedia, SweatHelp.org etc for getting any information. A large number of online forums also exist where hyperhidrosis patients get together to share their experiences (this website has a very active forum for example). Such forums are excellent source of first hand information on treatment options.

Another option which is always open is of-course to see a medical practitioner – if you have access to, and can afford treatment, going to a professional practitioner is your best bet.




About Author

I have had hyperhidrosis (palms and feet) since my childhood. I have tried/researched almost every treatment for hyperhidrosis over last decade, and in the process have acquired considerable experience that I hope will help others suffering with hyperhidrosis. I am happy to help you in whatever way I can to manage your excessive sweat problem - see the About page for more details and my contact information. Remember you are not alone, and that hyperhidrosis is entirely manageable with informed treatment. Good luck! PS: I recently published all that I have learnt about Hyperhidrosis in my book No Sweat! I encourage you to check that out as I believe its the best resource out there to understand and manage hyperhidrosis without falling for the miracle cures. Will love to hear your feedback on how to make it better.


  1. Yes, it seems to me that there are many quacks out there. I don’t want to post any suspicious links and accuse anyone since I don’t have a definite proof, but whenever I see a website that reeks of shameless self promotion and talks about a MIRACLE CURE, my scam alarms go off. *rolleyes*

    I mean, if there really DOES exist a simple, special miracle method to cure hyperhidrosis once and for all (like a diet or some common substance), wouldn’t my doctor know about it? Wouldn’t it be common knowledge by now? Exactly.

    Exploiting hyperhidrosis and offering all kinds of suspicious “revolutionary” hyperhidrosis treatments is sadly not alone – there are so many scammers out there trying to make profit by selling a miracle cure for this or that. You know how it is – Internet: tread with caution.

  2. Hey i completly agree with you as I ran into a website yesterday http://www.sweaty-palms.net/
    I think its a pure scam. All of the videos and testimonials on the site are from these pretty girls thats just mention the basics of the hyperidrosis, like shaking someones hand or taking a test. I live in Miami FL and I suffer from HH in my hands, feet and the facial blushing. I have done countless hours of research and one thing I can tell you all is the ETS surgery is a pure disaster. I mean yea, your hands will more than likely stop sweating but you will have a million more problems. Yes there are the lucky ones that dont get the debilitating problems but so many that do. If anyone will like to contact me for anything related to hyperhidrosis you can at [email protected] please do as i believe that in order to completely overcome hyperhidrosis we must be a team !!!

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