Hyperhidrosis Treatment (Infographic)

Since I was feeling especially creative today, I made up the following neat info-graphic to list and compare (at a very high level) the various popular treatment options for Hyperhidrosis!

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Comparison

  • Vitaly

    The infographic looks very useful: at first glance, it tells me that I should eliminate ETS surgery and Botox, and try to decide on some of the other hyperhidrosis treatments. Am I right?!
    It’s funny, I have never thought before of iontophoresis as being safer than antiperspirants – but now when I think of it, it makes sense. I’m planning to switch to iontophoresis for years now, but keep delaying it… This reminded me to get it moving, thanks. 🙂

    • HyperhidrosisNetwork

      Glad that this provoked some thoughts. I would be careful though – the table is only a very high level summary and there are several nuances that cannot be captured in this infographic – e.g. Botox may not necessarily be bad. If money is not a concern, its probably a good, semi-permanent option (the side effects may be there, but none too serious as its used for cosmetic purposes successfully). ETS, on the other hand, is something I would definitely avoid – unless the impact of Hyperhidrosis is so severe that you would consider the risks worthwhile.

      My advice – see a qualified medical professional and then take a call. Iontophoresis is definitely my favorite, but that just because it works for me.

  • Wallace Trent

    This infographic looks like an excellent starting point for everyone who has no idea what hyperhidrosis treatment to choose. I hope it gets shared on social networks! People should see this. 🙂 Of course, to really make a choice of the treatment (or treatments – plural!), one must be better informed (as written in lower Hyperhidrosis Network comment), but I repeat, this graphic nonetheless makes for a great starting point. 🙂