Hello folks! I am kind of new to the knowledge of this subject to be honest. But I've suffered all my life surrounding my sweating. Even in middle school.. we had strict dress code… all of which showed my sweat. Eventually into high school… without stress code… I just accepted it. I let everyone know… I'm a girl and “I sweat… probably moree than you… even as an athlete. “. The swearing has never changed… but my anxiety over it has. Now im 26 years old… with a child… and things the past few months have been rough.  I now have rashes in both armpits.. and I'm exhausted and in pain. All the time. A friend of mine brought hyperhidrosis up… so I researched and updated myself again. Found this group… and hoping to find help. I need to know how I am to be sure to know I have this. Im terrified but also relieved in a way to know that… there is an answer to all of my anxiety filled younger years and my sweat filled current years. As I tell everyone… I shower… and come out of the shower sweating. It's just my normal life. Any input would help! Thank you!!