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Idromed 5 DC is almost same as 5 PC, except that it uses DC current instead of pulsed current

Pros: Professional quality, good built, sturdy, portable, aesthetically pleasing, doesn't look like a crude device

Cons: Only DC current


Idromed 5 DC produces a direct current (DC). The device does not have a pulsed current option

Body Areas
  • Palmar (Palms)
  • Plantar (Feer)
  • Axillary (underarm)
Out of Box
  • Iontophoresis device Idromed 5 DC (Direct Current-Device)
  • 1 x Power supply with foot switch,
  • 2 x stainless aluminium plate electrodes (nickel-free),
  • 2 x electrode cables,
  • 2 x distance grids.
  • 1 x shock-proof suitcase; the 2 half’s of the suitcase also double as treatment tubs.
  • Manual

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Idromed 5 DC
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Reggie B. on Idromed 5 DC
Pretty good

Two months of treatments and the sweating on my palms is reduced by about 80%. Not bad, right? So, in a nutshell, my review of Idromed 5 DC is favourable.

What I liked:

The device is perfectly portable and looks like it is built from high quality materials - I have a feeling it will last for years. Foot switch is also great, especially if you are like me and use this for palmar hyperhidrosis.

What I did not like:

It is pricey - a good investment only if you plan to use it for years. Also, the direct current can be a little uncomfortable.

by Monique on Idromed 5 DC
Fun stuff!

Super easy to operate, and therapy sessions are fun - I kinda like the tingling, in a way it feels like some sort of foot massage & tickling combo. Oh well maybe that's just me! 🙂

The display has totally clear step-by-step instructions and everything is programmable. Since feet max mA is 25, I usually set it to 20 mA and the therapy works.

I also use foot lotion to keep my skin hydrated and healthy - otherwise I think my skin would be full of cracks. Idromed leaves my skin too dry - this is the only thing I don't like.

Anyway with this my sweaty feet happily transformed into normal feet and now I can do a lot of stuff I couldn't before - I actually enjoy running and roller-skating, and I can wear sandals without feeling embarrassed. 🙂

by Henry K. on Idromed 5 DC
Solid, professional ionto unit

I'm satisfied. After 9 months of regular weekly iontophoresis, my hands are free of excessive sweating.

Direct current can be difficult to bear at time, but it's not that bad. I regularly apply petroleum jelly to small cuts and scratches on my hands to keep the pain away.

The equipment is top notch and everything feels safe during iontophoresis, so this was a solid buy. If you can stand direct current, go for this model as it's much cheaper than PC.

by Doreen Weavers on Idromed 5 DC
Works well

I've owned Idromed 5 DC for a year and unlike my last ionto unit, it shows decent results. My once wet hands are now sweating significantly less and I feel much better. I use moderate voltage, have treatments twice a week and each session lasts about 15 minutes. (Longer than that makes my hands slightly irritated.)

I like the machine because it's easy to set up, handle and clean. Foot switch is very practical and a great help, as I'm often home alone while doing Iontophoresis. The price was bearable, and the unit looks like a solid piece of medical equipment.

by Julia W.P. on Idromed 5 DC
Strong and efficient - I love it!

I love this unit because it allows me to set up a strong current intensity for my back, something that finally stopped the excess sweating. This was super effective and saved me from having all of my shirts glued to my wet back every single day.

Currently I am having treatments every 2 weeks or so. It became a little tiresome after a couple of months, but I'm happy as long as it works and I can live without asking my better half to apply antiperspirants all over my back every evening.

I had to pay extra for special back applicators and I understand this, because they are optional and not everyone uses them. However, I wish stainless steel electrodes were standard instead of being the more expensive option.

by Timothy Ray on Idromed 5 DC
Its fine, but would go for PC

I've been using the Idromed GS unit and am going to get the PC hopefully pretty soon. The GS version is quite nice aand much bettter than RA Fischer I had a few years back that hurt really bad!

After two days of treatments I noticed that my hands took a lot longer to get sweaty and the sweat started out in little droplets instead sudden drenchingt. However, recently when I used the Idromed 5 GS machine again, my hands seem to be sweating more.

It does sting a bit above a certain voltage and I guess if I had gone for the PC version, I would have been better off.

Overall, I guess its a good DC machine. However, if you have money, go to PC and save some sting on your hands!


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