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I have a very important question


I made my iontophoresis sessions in a hospital with this machine (IONTEX III) for 9 days 20min aday and it worked amazingly with me !

Here are the machine details (in german):



And after that I bought a machine (DAVITA SUDORmed 1200) , it functions with batteries , I didn't feel that it was that stronh machine , and it did not work with my sweating problem at all !


So now I desperately will buy another one (HIDREX PSP1000) : here are its details :



So I would like to know , if the machine that I used in the hospital stronger than the one that i am going to buy , or the opposite , because I want to find the strongest machine to buy , or at least a machine that equals the hospital-machine , or stronger than it


Please check out the two photos in links and tell me which one has the strongest preferences



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