UPDATE (Aug 2017) – Iontoderma is no longer available in US and Canada as of now.

UPDATE (Nov 2018) – Iontoderma is back for sale in US and Canada

Update (March 2020) Seems like Iontoderma is again not available. As of now, we recommend DermaDry as the closest option to Iontoderma. All links have been edited accordingly. If this changes, this post will be updated

Iontoderma is one of the more cost effective iontophoresis machines available in market. At about $400 retail price, Iontoderma id-1000 is clearly attractive for patients who'd like to get iontophoresis treatments at home, but do not want to pay higher prices for other leading iontophoresis machine brands.

Iontoderma Iotntophoresis Machine - Hands in TrayIontoderma-Iotntophoresis-Machine-Feet-TreatmenIontoderma Iotntophoresis MachineIontoderma Iotntophoresis MachineIontoderma-Iotntophoresis-Machine-Out-of-Bo

Iotoderma id-1000 basics

Iontoderma id-1000 is the flagship (and only) model offered by the company as of now. This model is relatively basic, but provides everything you really need from an iontophoresis device for hyperhidrosis.

  • id-1000 is mains powered – meaning it is sufficiently powerful and that you do not need to spend a fortune on batteries.
  • It does not have pulse current, which means that the treatment sessions may be a bit more uncomfortable than other machines offering pulse current (e.g. Hidrex PSP 100) – however, we are talking about relatively mild discomfort and for many people, the multi-hundred $ lower price tag may be attractive enough tread!
  • This iontophoresis device is not (yet ) FDA approved, and infact has had troubles with FDA authorities in Canada. It probably means little since iontophoresis devices are relatively safe product to start with. But if it matters to you, you may want to look elsewhere. As per the company, they are working on FDA approval and that should happen in near future. This post will be updated to reflect that as and when that happens.
  • Price – Iontoderma id-1000 retails for about $399. However, the manufacturers have offered an exclusive 15% (i.e. $59) discount for HyperhidrosisNetwork users. Just use the discount coupon code HyperhidrosisNetwork15

Iontoderma id-1000 Out of Box

Out of box, this iontophoresis machine comes with the following components. It has everything that you need to get iontophoresis treatment for excessive sweat on your hands or on your feet.

Power supply Universal wall power (100V-240V AC, 50-60Hz).
Variable tension, adjustable voltage: 12V, 15V, 18V, 21V, 23V, 25V, 27V.
Maximum output: 20mA.
The company provides Country specific plug to match with the country of order
Electrodes id-1000 comes with 2 aluminium electrodes.
PVC Mats Two soft PVC foam to avoid touching the plates directly
Briefcase The machine is housed in a plastic briefcase and is reasonably sized to fit most hands and feet, and makes the machine portable
Connectors Gold plated connectors with high corrosion resistance and great electrical conductivity.
Banana plugs Gold plated banana plugs to 2.1mm x 5.5mm female that connects directly to the electrodes connectors. 


Coming soon. The good folks at Iontoderma have promised to provide me with a sample for review. As and when that happens, I will update my first hand experience with this iontophoresis device.

Bottomline – Iontoderma may be for you if you are looking for home iontophoresis sessions for hands and/or feet, but do not want to splurge on a more expensive machine. It does not get you everything that some of the more expensive options have, but its a good compromise. But it here and use discount coupon code  HyperhidrosisNetwork15 

Have you tried iontoderma iontophoresis machine? If yes, please leave a review below to help the hyperhidrosis community!

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iontoderma id-1000
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Alsedeek on iontoderma id-1000


by Dee vee on iontoderma id-1000
Effective device

I have been using different products just to get rid of my hyperhidrosis problem, and nothing works for me! but as soon as i have found out the iodtoderma id-1000 and tried to used it though it is expensive but with the help of the coupon code HyperhidrosisNetwork15 that saves 15% it is been less expensive for me so i did buy this product and used it as soon as possible knowing that this product device is not available in US. It feels so good that within a weeks i can see the improvements and it is really an effective device!

by claire on iontoderma id-1000
lucky machine

I have a real bad problem with sweating its getting out of hand now I feel uncomfortable when im around with people im terrible when im nervous and the other day I was just a tiny bit cold and I had to change my top because it was soaked I cant go out anywhere without feeling embarrased.Few weeks ago, I have starting seeing the iontoderma ads on Facebook, ignored at the beginning, thinking that it is too good to be true and also I felt that it was a bit expensive to buy something that I am not sure about its result. However, when the hot weather started, and the sweat got worse sweat increased dramatically. I have decided to buy , luckily with the used of the coupon code Hyperhydroisi Network15 it saved me 15%off, considering that this device is not available in US .

I started using it immediately, in the next few days my excessive sweats has slowly gone and i feel dry even on sunny days or hot weather ,this machines really help me a lot.

by Badeth on iontoderma id-1000
Safe and painless

Safe and painless. But made my skin so dry even after applying moisturizer.

by Jen on iontoderma id-1000
Great product but not FDA approved

The Iontoderma iD-1000 is a highly rated machine. I have bought it because of its affordability and quality in the same device. It also comes with a lot of positive reviews. Everything you need to treat both the hands and the feet is included with this device. But I just noticed that the Iontoderma iD-1000 is missing FDA approval.

by Danny on iontoderma id-1000
Still searching...

I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for a long time now, I have tried the natural approach, herbal, diet, etc. but nothing works. So I’ve had to do extensive research into which iontophoresis machine would work best for me. So far iontoderma has the best price with positive reviews. Will try it.

by Dan on iontoderma id-1000
I am impressed!

I have hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet. I purchased an Iontoderma Iontophoresis machine on last Thursday and received it Friday (lightening fast next day shipping!) and started it the same day. I am very impressed with the device and customer service -amazingly polite, thorough and quick responses.

by Jeff on iontoderma id-1000
User-friendly device

I like this product. The device itself is very user-friendly and can be set-up anywhere provided it is a flat surface. You just need a power outlet and about two cups of tap water. Everything else that you need is included in the kit. However, it can only be used for hands and feet.

by Damon on iontoderma id-1000
Good Product

I have been using this product for a week now, I've been doing it once a day. It is now showing good signs in terms of reducing sweaty palms. This product is also used for feet, but I bought it for the purpose of using on my hands.

by Lana Carpio on iontoderma id-1000
Simple to Use

The machine is very simple to use. And for me it is really effective. A simple 20-minute session once a day is often all it takes to achieve comfortable perspiration level. You should notice results after 7 days.

Do one treatment each day, at the highest voltage comfortable for you. You can then space out your treatments according to your preferences. For instance, if you see that after 7 days, you start feeling that the sweat is coming back, it's time for a treatment.

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