Iontophoresis changed my life


I started sweating excessively from the feet ,hands and armpits  when I was 11 years old  and the consequences of that condition has affected my performance at school  ( I was embarrassed to turn in wet test answers , so often I just didn't ), my participation in sports ,my social and my professional life .I'm sure that I don't have to go into the clammy details as those of you reading this on this website must   already know what I'm writing about .I am now 40 years old and about 5 years ago my life changed drastically for the better. I read an article about the use of Iontophoresis therapy for the treatment of excessive sweating .The article did not claim that it was  a cure for Hyperhidrosis ,but emphasized that it controlled the symptoms , the excessive sweating. I thought about it for a few days and decided to take the risk of trying something that again might not work ,as everything that I had tried  up to that point had not worked .I made the decision to buy the Idromed, iontophoresis machine , it was not cheap  but it had an 8 week money back guarantee if the treatments were not successful. I did the treatments  as prescribed , every day , it does take some time , but I do them while I'm watching tv. After 10 days of treatments I was still sweating and I was getting disappointed once again. luckily There was an excellent after sales support that convinced me to continue and that was great because two days later my hands stopped sweating – they were dry.that gave me some real hope for my feet and my armpits -they.  took a little longer to get dry but they are also now under control.I I've got o keep doing maintenance treatments once a week to stay dry ,but that is a small price to pay for keeping dry .I highly recommend iontophoresis for people who suffer from excessive sweating , who have tried a lot of solutions that haven't worked . It worked for me and it changed my life .


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