Living with Hyperhidrosis


I am 15 years old, 16 in may (2016), female, I am from west London and I am obviously a student. I have had hyperhidrosis since was about 9 (about 7 years). In September 2014 or even further back, I can't really remember, I was finally, after 5 years of trying, referred to Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London. My GP wouldn't believe me that it was bad and this is why it took this long. I thought that when I was referred that everything was going to be fine, I was going to get treatment and it was an easy road. I was very wrong. They took my blood to see if I had a thyroid problem that was causing it. I didn't. I then met with a doctor who said the treatment (iontophoresis) wasn't available to under 16's. I was so upset but I didn't give up. We (me and my parents) kept asking when it's going to become available to children, because thats what they said would happen. Finally, after 14 months, my mum got a call to ask what dates I would be having the treatment, so in November 2015 I started my treatment and ended in December 2015. After finishing we couldn't buy the machine until February but I now have it and it's working well.

Before the treatment I was so embarrassed to even be around people. I didn't even want to hold my own mother's hand, and I was scared to touch people incase they said ew, which they did.

I am so happy with myself now and I definitely recommend iontophoresis if you can afford the machine and it works for you.


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