In my case, excessive sweat comes paired with fear. I've been told that this is similar to cases of hyperhidrosis triggered by anxiety, but this is not exactly the same. I can't go to the cinema to watch a scary movie, because the chair will be soaked by the time the credits roll. And I am also afraid of big dogs, so if I see one in the street, I instantly start sweating. It takes me hours to calm down and stop sweating profusely. I guess that a hyperhidrosis treatment is required, but I don't know which one would be the right one for me.

In most of the life situations, I am fine. I might be sweating a little more than an average person, but unless I get scared, sweat doesn't cause me any problems. The reason why I don't feel like I have an anxiety problem is that I do not really feel anxious in a typical way. (People keep telling me that I have anxiety and hyperhidrosis, but I just don't think they're right!) I am not typically anxious and I thrive in social situations, and my palms don't sweat. But, when I get frightened – like if someone jumps out and shouts “Boo!” at me, I get soaked. So odd, right?

A friend recommended that I try using iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis, even if I do not suffer from a typical case of excessive sweating, mine being situation specific. I gave this some thought, but then decided against iontophoresis. There was nothing wrong with this hyperhidrosis treatment, but I just didn't find it worthwhile to spend time doing regular iontophoresis, when my excessive sweating doesn't happen all the time. I have a similar problem with antiperspirants: it is tiresome to apply them all the time (even on my palms or forehead!) just in case I get frightened of something… On the other hand, a one-time hyperhidrosis treatment like Botox or miraDry seems too drastic for someone like me.

I am sharing my story because I would really like to discover an ideal hyperhidrosis treatment for a situation that is as complicated as mine. I consulted a physician, and he recommended a psychological counseling that should help me get rid of fear. But, that is really not so simple… I would also like to find a good hyperhidrosis treatment that would keep my sweat in check when my sweat glands go crazy. Please reach out with your suggestions!