• Iontohoresis market is getting crowded fast, and its a good thing for patients!

    The latest entrant is DermaDry. This is a Canada manufactured iontophoresis machine (just like Iontoderma), and retails for […]

  • hi! I’m Kim, mom to 5 wonderful kiddos! I had endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy in 2000, when I only had 2 children. I can remember when my 1st 2 were born, people would ask to hold them and I’d claim they wet thr […]

  • Rohit wrote a new post, My story 1 year, 8 months ago

    I am a 35 year old hyperhidrosis suffer who has lived with the problem since secondary school. Initially my problem was my arm pits. I used to get around this by only wearing black or keeping my blazer or jacket […]

  • Its been a long time I’m using iontophoresis to treat my excessive sweating and it works very well! However what colour of water you get after finishing your treatment ? Usually its yellow but today turned b […]

  • Hi my name is Rowaida I'm 26 years old from Egypt.  l been suffering from hand and legs hyperhydrosis since i was child it realy stopped me from having the live i wanted l cant play violin i cant even read abook […]

  • This post is an overview about Qbrexza, a new hyperhidrosis drug that recently got approved by FDA. I have reached out to the parent company (Dermira Inc) to get more details and will update this post with more […]

  • Hi Reuben,

    Unfortunately, I do not have the bandwidth to respond to individual questions. I recommend posting your queries on the forum on this website and most likely one of the readers will be able to help you out.


  • I think my sweating problem started when I was in my teens, probably at puberty. It seems like it got a little worse right after I got married. Which I was 31 and my wife also. I just had to tell her about my […]

  • I work in the business field and it is very embarrassing to know you have sweaty hands and someone gestures to shake your hand and the thought that goes threw your head about what that person might think of you, […]

  • I'm 56 years old, and I suffered from the facial/chest perspiration since my teens. A little excessive, but bearable and not so frequent. Then I had a hysterectomy at 29, and was told I would be thrust into the […]

  • Rohit wrote a new post, I cried 2 years, 6 months ago

    I am nineteen years old and today I found out what hyperhidrosis is…and I cried. I didn't know that I'm not alone.

    Most of my shirts are black or navy blue. I can't even remember the last time I wore a white […]

    • You are not alone. I also thought my sweaty hands and feet was something only I was afflicted with. Mine began in 9th grade and I would usually wear a jacket, even in warm weather, so that I could hide my hands. In 10th grade dance class for PE I remember leaving a puddle on the floor where my feet had been sitting during a prolonged instructional sit down session. Since we weren’t allowed to wear socks or shoes for the class, just a leotard, I just got more and more anxious the longer we sat there and that just led to more perspiration. I also thought nobody would love me with this condition, but I found my husband who was able to look past it as a minor flaw, as we all have some. Fast forward to 32 yrs of age, my painful foot bunion forced me to the podiatrist for some minor foot surgery and upon explaining my embarrassment he casually said, “That’s hyperhidrosis. Many people have it.” I researched it on this new thing called the Internet and was reassured. I had tried the night time aluminum chloride solution with gloves earlier in my early 20’s without any success. I asked my Kaiser doctor to send me to the surgeon to determine if I was a candidate for the Sympathectomy procedure. The surgeon did a nerve block test on me to see if the surgery would fix my problem and after speaking personally with 2 of his patients about their surgeries, I had the surgery in 2002. I am lucky that I have little compensatory sweating, mainly when I eat spicy foods. I work in a hospital and touch patients frequently, so this had really affected my daily interactions at work. Although the surgery has its own potential serious risks, for me, the confidence I gained after the procedure was the best unexpected side effect.

  • I have dealt with excessive sweating under my arms for YEARS. I have had to wear paper towels under my arm pits and sweated through that within minutes. After using heavy aluminum based deodorants that irrupted my […]

  • I have always considered hyperhidrosis an attack on my life. I've had it for as long as I can remember. It started with my hands. The sweat would pool so quickly when I would cup them together even with no […]

  • Hi! My name is Ana. I'm a 18 y/o student from Mexico.

    Actually, I didn't know I have hyperhidrosis until two years ago. When I was a child, every few weeks I could notice that the skin in my hands was peeling […]

  • I used to suffer from unbearable, and beyond embarrassing plantar hyperhidrosis. I used the iontophoresis machine for a few weeks and I stopped sweating completely.  It saved my life! After a few months, I s […]

  • I had my ETS surgery when I was 15 I am now 22. I had my surgery at the Duke hospital in NC. I suffered from  hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet for my entire life, as all of you know it will destroy  s […]

  • DuraDry Protection System is a recent entrant in the antiperspirants targeting hyperhidrosis community. This post is a review of DuraDry Protection System based on my personal experience of using the products for […]

  • Hai friends, my name is dhanesh. I am from India. I am an electronics maintainence technician, need often shake hands with colleagues i cant explain how i have to act awkward to hide my condition which makes me […]

  • Rohit wrote a new post, Facial sweating 3 years ago

    My entire life I have suffered from sweating on top of my head and forehead when I get embarrassed, feel confronted or caught in an error or feel judged. This happens a lot. And when it does, my sweating […]

  • I've had hiperhidrosis since first grade (probably earlier but I can't recall)

    Hands and feet – extreme at times that i would “puddle up” if barefoot on a floor.  Shoes would have “white” residue i'm guessing […]

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