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Seeing that many fellow hyperhidrosis patients here have expressed interest in hearing more about miraDry, I decided to join and share my story. To spoil the end of the story: for me, miraDry worked, and now my underarms sweat 90% less than before. So, if you want to see how this all happened, keep on reading…

Why I Did It

I had axillary hyperhidrosis since I was 13 years old, and my ordeal lasted for two decades, until I finally decided to take up stronger measures to stop sweating. One of the main reasons I opted for a miraDry procedure was that it promised more lasting effects than other axillary hyperhidrosis treatments. I wanted something that will cure me – something that will let me forget that I ever had hyperhidrosis.

The Cost

I started saving up for miraDry in early 2012, when I first heard about the procedure, and eight months ago, I finally had close to $2900 saved up – which was the price of my miraDry treatments. To explain the plural: I have been recommended to attend two treatments to get the best, lasting results.

The Procedure

My first treatment made me very nervous. First of all, I am not a big fan of needles, and getting about two dozens of lidocaine shots in each of my armpits scared me. This lasted more than I would have liked, but was only slightly painful. Once my underarms were numbed, the doctor applied the miraDry device. This was essentially a sequence of suctions along the skin on my underarms. Thanks to the local anesthetic, I did not feel much pain. But yes, there was some pain – notably, during some of the suctions that were closer to my breasts. Overall, I only felt brief outbursts of localized heat while the device was destroying my sweat glands.

And now for the ugly part – it took me three weeks to recover from the miraDry procedure. At first, my underarms were swollen for days, and then slowly started going back to normal. This was annoying, but I can now say that it was worth it.

Three months later, at the second procedure, I was told that I will be given stronger miraDry intensity. (The first time around it was level 3, and for the second treatment level 4.) Despite this, the pain was virtually nonexistent, I was also less nervous, and everything went well.

The Results

After the first procedure, my underarm sweating was halved. After the second one, it was pretty much gone. This is how I live now – free of hyperhidrosis, and hoping to stay that way forever. All the money saving, the fear during the treatment, the painful recovery – everything paid off in the end.

I think that this is it – I think miraDry is the type of axillary hyperhidrosis treatment that we've been waiting for. 🙂


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  1. Hi Florence, it’s great of you to share your hyperhidrosis story, and I hope you will stick around to answer some of our questions about your miraDry procedure! I already found your forum thread (http://hyperhidrosisnetwork.com/forums/topic/feel-free-to-ask-any-questions-here) – and I am looking forward to talking to you some more. Feel free to drop me a private message if you would prefer that.

    And of course, I am very happy to see that miraDry worked for you. As someone who also suffers from axillary hyperhidrosis, I feel encouraged. 😉

    • Would love to hear other stories of cases where it worked for others what about hands and feet also
      Thanks in advance

    • Would love to hear other stories of cases where it worked for others what about hands and feet also if it’s FDA approved why doesn’t insurance help us it’s not fair
      Thanks in advance

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