miraDry: Solution for Underarm Sweating


Now that my excessive underarm sweating has been curbed successfully by miraDry, I feel I can peacefully look back at the time when I suffered from hyperhidrosis and had no idea what to do about it…


My excessive sweating first manifested when I was in the fourth grade of elementary school. My underarm sweating was always at its worst during gym class, so I started lying that I don't feel well in order to avoid classes every once in a while… It all turned to be very stressful: half of the time I was teased and called “puddlestink”, my teacher soon called my parents to school because I started skipping gym class altogether… And so on. Eventually things calmed down when they realized what the problem is all about, and I was given strong antiperspirants. This was a far cry from miraDry, but it was a start!


Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. I lived and fought against sweaty armpits the best I could, with tons of antiperspirants and baggy black clothes that allowed my skin to breathe and cool off, and at the same time hid the sweat stains. Then, over a year ago, my mother called me to tell me about miraDry – a “revolutionary new procedure” that was set to cure me from excessive sweat. I was intrigued, and at the same time annoyed: over the years, I've come to accept hyperhidrosis as a part of me, and the idea that my mother wants me “fixed” somehow hurt me.


Yet, I figured that a bit of a wounded pride shouldn't stand in my way, and after some research, I decided that I will look for a doctor who can perform miraDry on me. Now, since I don't have his permission to write this, I will refrain from specific details, but I can say this: the procedure took a little longer than I expected, and was less painful than I expected (we used a low setting, though). Everyone was really nice to me, and I was very nervous and impatient to see if miraDry will turn out to be the thing.


It did! After my swelling was gone (it took 4-5 days for the worst to pass), I noticed that I still do sweat – but a lot, lot less! I talked to my friends and family, and they confirmed that my new sweating looks pretty much normal. This was a huge relief. Months later, I went for the second treatment.


Now, nearly a year later, the miraDry dryness is still with me. It feels as if someone opened the door of a cage I've lived in so far… It is a huge relief to be this free.



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  1. Did you second treatment hurt a lot less than the first one? My first treatment was a little painful, and while miraDry worked, now it’s time for me to go for the second treatment, but I keep delaying it… I am not sure if I can delay it for much longer, but I can seem to sum up courage to actually make an appointment. Gah! 🙁

    • Yes it did! I guess the first one is always the most painful one. And my second miraDry treatment was done on a very weak setting, because they said that there is no need for a stronger treatment. I’m sorry to hear that you had such a painful experience, I don’t think it’s usually the case. You should definitely muster up some courage and take the second treatment as soon as possible, to make miraDry more permanent! Go girl. 😉

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