I had my ETS surgery when I was 15 I am now 22. I had my surgery at the Duke hospital in NC. I suffered from  hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet for my entire life, as all of you know it will destroy  self-confidence and I have struggled to gain that. I consulted a hyperhidrosis specialist in Raleigh NC, I do not recall her name but she was awesome. We went over many different treatment methods non of which helped. Finally we decided surgery was the last option. Dr.Chang for Duke hospital performed the surgery. My hands were completely dry and I could not believe it! I still have the pictures somewhere where I had taken pictures of my hands the day before, my hands dripping with sweat. All these years later and I do not regret the surgery what so ever. I do sweat pretty bad out of my back and chest in hot weather also when I eat certain foods like ketchup or sour things. The good has far outweighed the bad. However  I will not sugar coat the actual surgery and I do not know if this was normal. The  night after the surgery  was extremely painful my chest hurt very bad like someone was stabbing me repeatedly I could not sleep and tossed back many pain pills which did not seem to give any relief. I remember falling asleep sitting up in the hotel room. My mother was in panic wanting to take me to the ER or the hospital I tried to mask the pain. After a few days the pain was gone except for pain in my pec muscles for a few weeks.