Hello my name is Colin, I am 19 years old turning 20 very soon and I am a asian-american male. I am currently unemployed and I dropped from college in my 2nd year of college which was in spring of 2017. The question is how has hyperhidrosis affected my life and what have I done to adapt to this condition. It's very simple… I've had this condition since I was born but I started noticing the affects in 1st grade when I was playing super smash bros on the game cube at my friends house. During and after the intense game I started to feel a very warm sensation in the palms of my hands and feet. So I took a look at my hands and feet and it was wet. As I got older..it became very severe in my sophmore year of highschool..it was so bad I even left my “group” in school and whenever school ended I would go home quickly but even when walking back home my back, feet, hands, and the face was so sweaty even when the weather was cold. I dont even wanna explain how my junior year was but during my senior year I gain a bit of confidence and opened up a little bit to few friends but still I didn't get any relief at all. I wouldnt say I was popular but everyone in my school was chill with me and knew me cuz of junior high and freshman year but after sophmore year people thought I was either a weirdo, sick person, or even thought I was dead or gone cuz I would always ignore people and avoid the society because of this dumb sweating disorder. So after I graduated from highschool.. I was very nervous about college and meeting new people so I looked up treatments for my hands and feet especially and I found iontoderma a iontophoresis machine that temporarily treats the sweating in the palms of both feet and hand. It actually worked but It the bad thing about this machine is if you stop doing treatments on the machine the sweating gradually comes back but as of 12/11/2017 my hands is 90% gone but its still temporarily. Now the only problem is my face because I now sweat so much in the face in any type of situation whether its on a hot day, cold day, awkward situation, interview, playing games, talking to parents, etc. It's so bad I dont even wanna leave the house and I will be honest I feel like I am more confident in this virtual cyber community because It doesnt involve me to meet anyone or shake hands or etc. I am turning 20 soon, I never dated a girl because of this condition, never goes to parties even when invited, never do I even get a job, i even dropped out of school, idk what my life takes me.. I need permanent relief but I see no options in my life and I need the community of the internet to provide me this because as of now I cant go out into the world asking for it because the world is like a magnet everything is pulled away from me. But I only been talking about the negativities of this condition but some positive things I've acquired from this is the amount of time I had to think about my life even though I am not doing anything, when I go to sport outdoor activities I have a excuse to sweat lol, other than that I cant think of anything good of sweating like crazy. THANK YOU for spending your time to read my story and all I ask of you guys is to be thankful for what you have become and always be grateful of everything because I wasnt thankful of anything when I was in highschool because I honestly fucked up my career but I am not giving up and I will one day stand tall and overcome this condition somehow ahhah help me