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Hello everyone 🙂
I decided to share with you guys my hyperhidrosis story.. and im glad I found this community!
I first started to notice it when I was 12-13 years old.. my hands started to sweat a lot more in gym class and at first I thought it was normal but as the years passed by I realized that I have a “little” problem.
I'm 20 years old now and still suffering from hyperhidrosis ( 7 years of suffer).
I can't get my drivers license because of it , can't get my nails done , and sometimes I remember crying myself to sleep when I was younger because I thought that im some kind of a weirdo and I asked myself every night – why do I deserve it?
I tried antiperspirant which contains aluminium and it helps for a while , and on some cases it didn't help so it really depends.
Recently Ive been researching for other solutions so I bought iontophoresis machine , I read about it a lot , it got great reviews. over 90% cured their sweat in hands and feet.
Currently im waiting for the machine to arrive so I can start the treatment and I can't wait !
If you want me to update on the treatments please leave a message.
 And despite this situation Im still an optimistic , I mean some days are better and some days are worst but you need to stay positive I guess 🙂


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