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Note: This post has been updated on 2/14/2015 as RA Fischer changed the terms of their Rental Program. Its now a Rent-to-Buy program instead of pure rental.


I recently came to know of the rental program offered by R.A. Fischer for their iontophoresis machines.

I personally think that's a great option and wonder why the other manufacturers are not offering such option (yet). Given the relatively high cost of the iontophoresis machines, it makes perfect sense for the patients to try the machine out at their homes first before committing the full money.

Fischer Iontophoresis Device Rental Program (Rent to Buy Program)

Fischer's rent-to-own program is simple – you pay a fixed monthly rental fee, and use the machine as long as you want.

Fischer's rent-to-own program is simple – you pay a fixed monthly rental fee for 6 months, and own the machine after that in case you continue till the 6th month (see below for details)

At any point during the first 6 months, if you feel like you are not getting results, or if you are not able to take the treatments for any reason, you can simply choose to return the machine and no further payments need to be made from that month onwards.

You can learn more about the program at this website

Fischer Iontophoresis Device Rental: Price

The website offers both the main devices marketed by R.A. Fischer – MD-1a and MD-2.. You can read the reviews of these devices elsewhere on this website. Below are the rental prices for these iontophoresis devices:

MD-1a: 6 monthly payments of $100 plus one final additional payment of $125 and you will own the MD-1a.

MD-2:  7 monthly payments of $150 and you will own the MD-2.

My advise: get the MD-2. The polarity switching feature is great – more effective, and more comfortable. In any case, you cannot go wrong with either MD-1a or MD-2.

Fischer Iontophoresis Device Rental: Discount Code!

In case you think this is the option for you, you may want to use a special coupon code provided by to the readers of this blog. Just type in the code HHN25 at the checkout (you need to rent from their this website for this to work), and you will get a cool $25 discount. That pays for about 50% of the cost of first month rental!  Hey, every bit helps – right?

Note: the code HHN25 is valid at the Fischer Iontophoresis Machine Website ( both for the rental program as well as for the purchase program. So if you decide to buy the machine once you have tried it through a rental, you can get another $25 off on the purchase. Sweet?

Important Note: vs.

Note: The below mentioned comparison is not valid anymore as both the websites now offer the same terms. You do, however, save $25 if you buy from and use the coupon code HHN25.

The prices and program mentioned in this post is provided by their website . The rental program offered by their main website is a bit different.

I guess I made it more complicated than it is, but the bottom-line is  – if you are renting an iontophoresis machine, do it here, and apply the coupon code HHN25. You will be better off!

That's it for now! If you rent any of their iontophoresis machines, please do leave a comment on how did it go. Also, if you are aware of similar programs offered by other manufacturers (e.g. Hidrex, Drionic, Idromed etc), please let us know through comments.


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  1. What would be the recommended device? MD-1 or MD-2? I see that MD-2 is more expensive – is it worth it? The longer you use the device, the bigger this financial difference gets, so I would rather rent the cheaper Fischer iontophoresis machine if it’s just as good as the more expensive one.

    • It would be best if you checked out the reviews for both Fischer devices, and then decide for yourself. I think that MD-1 is just as good in stopping excessive sweat as MD-2, but some people prefer MD-2 with its refinement, modern controls and some more advanced options. But if you want to save money, I think you’ll be just fine with Fischer Galvanic MD-1 iontophoresis device.

  2. Thumbs up for renting! My MD-2 Fischer worked great and I bought it after the initial two months of renting. This is good, I think, because my iontophoresis machine didn’t show results right away, so it was nice that I could only rent it until I was sure that buying it is a right move.

    And to DeRue: I have a Fischer MD-2 and it works well, I would say that it’s worth paying extra for a better model.

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