I recently received this email from one of the readers of this blog and wanted to share it with others. Thanks so much for sharing “D”!

She found the Secret Clinical Strength Gel helpful for excessive sweat on her face, and seems like it works! Good going for her and I do hope it offers a long term solution without much side effects.


Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your very useful resource.I just wanted to share my positive experience with a product not mentioned on your antiperspirant list.

It is called Secret Clinical Strength and is available at most pharmacies in the US and UK (also available at Amazon). I have found it to be very good. It contains aluminum zirconium octachlorohedrex gly at 20%. It's reasonably priced.

The best form is the clear gel which is also hypoallergenic and unscented so great for sensitive skin. I use it on my face ( Not sure how safe that is in the long term, but I'm quite desperate). Although it is said to be for women, the fact that it's unscented makes it suitable for men too.

Thanks again for your excellent website!



Has anyone else have good/back experience with Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant? Please share if you can.