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I have had hyperhidrosis (palms and feet) since my childhood. I have tried/researched almost every treatment for hyperhidrosis over last decade, and in the process have acquired considerable experience that I hope will help others suffering with hyperhidrosis. I am happy to help you in whatever way I can to manage your excessive sweat problem - see the About page for more details and my contact information. Remember you are not alone, and that hyperhidrosis is entirely manageable with informed treatment. Good luck! PS: I recently published all that I have learnt about Hyperhidrosis in my book No Sweat! I encourage you to check that out as I believe its the best resource out there to understand and manage hyperhidrosis without falling for the miracle cures. Will love to hear your feedback on how to make it better.


  1. Brooke Pierre on

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  3. I have hyperhidrosis and dealing with this condition is not an easy thing. I do not want to go for surgery but I do like to get information on the subject and apply some tips so the sweating can be controlled. I really liked the blog suggestions. I will go through it and make sure to use the best products for hyperhidrosis so I can manage this condition. The post is very informative. Thanks.

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