I have had hyperhidrosis for years. Like many other victims of such a terrible condition, I developed social anxiety and pushed myself away. I only wore black shirts and if I couldn't I was so paranoid of sweating as bad as I did that I would sweat more. Military kid growing up so my parents told me it's just psychological, suck it up, you'll live… Well yes, I did live. But I hated living. I wasn't suicidal but I hated being socially active, going on dates, hanging out. It was so bad I worried about my sweat showing through black clothing. Finally went to the doctor and was prescribed Robenul. Loved it! But with my job side effects seemed multiplied compared to normal. I can wear normal clothes now, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. After approximately 2.5-3 hours I start to sweat some, get anxious about it and sweat more. In a perfect situation, one in which I am fully relaxed and no fear of sweating while on my medicine, this wasn't an issue. I could get 7.5-8 hours of effective time with this medicine. But the perfect situation hardly came and hardly does.  Again, due to my job side effects were absolutely unbearable. I called my doctor and switched to Oxybutynin. Recently on this medicine and it works with less severe side effects when on the move at work. Side effects will be present no matter what, if not all that are listed you will most likely experience one of them. On Robenul I would have to take 3, sometimes 4, 5 miligram tablets just to maintain minimal sweat. Hardly ever sweat free. Condition severity plays a huge role in dosage. I need a high dosage, which means increased side effects, whereas someone else could maintain a low dosage. I have come to find that early morning workouts can help slightly with mental state for the remainder of the day.