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Ejis is one of the better known brands in this space and offer both – undershirts as well as boxer briefs with sweatproof properties. This post is a review of the Ejis undershirt based on the sample I received (V Nexk, Micro Modal for Men).  Its goes without saying that while the sample was received free of cost, the below review is my objective opinion and is not influenced by the fact that the sample was offered free.

Sweat Proof Undershirt – Review Criteria

To ensure consistency across multiple sweat proof undershirts, I've kept the following considerations while reviewing this category of products:

  • Sweat proof Performance – does it prevent sweat stains?
  • Odor Resistance –  does the undershirt prevent the odor buildup?
  • Fabric quality – does the fabric feels good on skin, and is it durable?
  • Comfort – does it fit well? Is it comfortable to wear all day?
  • Price – its an undershirt after all! 🙂

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So, how does Ejis undershirt stack up?

Bottomline – Its premium. From the packaging to the fabric to the length of the undershirt, they clearly aimed to be perceived as a premium option in the sweatproof undershirt market. I especially liked the length of the Ejis undershirts which keep tucked throughout the day. However, I am not a big fan of the underarm padding which performs well, but feels a bit too bulky – especially compared to ItsDri. Also, the medium size that I received was a size too big for me.

At $36, its a bit pricey for an undershirt for sure. Its definitely a niche option for people who like the premium look and feel.

UPDATE: Ejos has decided to generously offer HHN readers an exclusive 15% discount. Use the coupon code HHN15 here

Detailed review of Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt

Here is a detailed review of Ejis undershirt

Ejis Undershirt  – Sweat Proof Performance

During the review period, I wore this undershirt in the month of September in NYC with temperatures often exceeding 80 degree fahrenheit, and was in open outdoor spaces as well as cramped indoor spaces.

All in all, the Ejis undershirt did what they are supposed to do – keep the outer clothing absolutely sweat mark free. The inner lining did feel a bit damp at times, but pretty manageable overall. Hurray!

Ejis Undershirt  – Odor Resistance

Ejis undershirts' inner layer has Siver bound to the fabric – it claims that Silver has antibacterial properties which keep you fresher longer. This is somewhat similar claim to ItsDri's copper infused fabric technology. While the verdict is still out whether Silver (or copper) really make a difference, I thought that Ejis undershirts did seem to prevent odors way better than undershirts with Silver/Copper infusion (e.g. Thompson Tee).

All in all, I was pretty impressed with its ability to not just prevent sweat marks, but also that it did not stink at all!

Ejis Undershirt – Fabric Quality

Ejis comes in two fabric options – Micro Modal and Cotton. My review is based on the Micro Modal version. As mentioned above, fabric is top notch and feels premium to the touch and wear.

Ejis Undershirt Review- Comfort

Ejis feels super soft on the skin, thanks to the micro Modal fabric. It clings to the skin and provides a good fit overall. The size may run a bit larger – I found the Medium a bit too large for me.

Ejis Undershirt – Price

Ejis sweat proof undershirt retails for $28 (cotton) – $36 (micro modal).  They do not offer free international shipping unlike some other brands, so that may add to the cost.  At that price, Ejis is slightly on the higher end in terms or pricing.

Ejis offers a 45 days refund on your first order (upto 1 undershirt) – so you'd be protected if you do not like the undershirts after trying them. However, note that the refund is only applicable to your first order, and only limited to one undershirt – I think that is reasonable

Remember to use exclusive 15% discount if you want to try out these undershirts. Use the coupon code HHN15 here

Verdict on Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt

Ejis sweatproof undershirt is a great option if you are in the market for sweatproof apparel. The shirts look/feel premium and provide excellent sweat proofing, albeit with a heavier than usual underarm padding that may not be the best in class.  Go for a size smaller if you are on thinner side.

Also, good folks at Ejis Undershirts have offered a special discount to hyperhidrosis network visitors – use coupon code “HHN15” to get 15% off on your order!

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Ejis Undershirt
Average rating:  
 41 reviews
by Carl on Ejis Undershirt

I love it, it's great to wear and cool. They are comfortable and well designed. This shirt is effectively amazing. I feel that the additional comfort is worth the difference in price.

by Allain on Ejis Undershirt

I love the products, nothing better! It does a fantastic job unbelievably soft and comfortable and has a great job in reducing sweats. It is worth every penny.

by Brandon on Ejis Undershirt

This is the best t-shirt I have ever purchased! I bought these undershirts and I loved them. I always had a sweating issue which stained my undershirts around the armpits. With this product, sweat is reduced and I feel cooler.

by Edward Spence on Ejis Undershirt

Fantastic! It is all good wearing it for the first time today. I have a lot of meetings and a long day in business events. I had noticed the difference as soon as I put it on. So far it was really great!

by Robert Raineri on Ejis Undershirt

Is this expensive? Yes. Worth every penny, YES! I have bought other premium undershirts but this is shirt is really effective and amazing. I will never buy another brand.

by David Ritchie on Ejis Undershirt

This shirt is indeed effective but it would be great if the pads were removable and replaceable so I don’t walk around smelling like I am wearing a sweaty gym shirt. I am hoping to have some pads that are not so noticeable.

by Ian Viemeist on Ejis Undershirt

The Ejis undershirt is more effective than I imagine but after having washed and feeling confident, I notice that the pads are too big and a bit bulky it feels so awkward. I am expecting that as soon as possible the shirt will be more comfy to wear.

by Michael McCann on Ejis Undershirt

This product is breathable and fights odours – I was really impressed that even after few days they were still wearable. Moreover it has a good quality that always amazed me.

by Michael Cicho on Ejis Undershirt

A sweat FREE product that is really effective!!! Refreshingly comfortable, they didn’t lie – material is really soft and I didn’t feel any itchiness even after wearing them all day. Indeed this product is really good.

by John P. on Ejis Undershirt

These shirts are incredible. No more sweat stains on my dress shirts, no more being self conscious about my underarms showing sweat. It is extremely uncomfortable to wear a very wet shirt all day. Thanks for making a great, high quality product Ejis - one that has made my day-to-day life much better and happier.

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