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Thompson Tee is one of the better known brands for sweat proof undershirt market, and they (kind of) got this entire industry into limelight with that Shark Tank story. Thompson Tee is likely the market leaders at this point in the increasingly crowded sweatproof undershirt market. This Thompson Tee review is based on the sample I received (V Neck models – original fit and slim fit) from the manufacturers.

While I received the samples free of charge, the following Thompson Tee Review is by objective opinion and is not influenced by the free samples. Thompson Tee also sells women's version of the undershirts which I suspect will work very similar to the men's version, but I did not test them (obviously!)

Sweat Proof Undershirt – Review Criteria and Methodology

To ensure consistency across multiple sweat proof undershirts, I've kept the following considerations while reviewing this category of products:

  • Sweat proof Performance – does it prevent sweat stains?
  • Odor Resistance –  does the undershirt prevent the odor buildup?
  • Fabric quality – does the fabric feels good on skin, and is it durable?
  • Comfort – does the undershirt fit well? Does it feel comfortable?
  • Price – its an undershirt after all! 🙂

To provide an objective review of sweatproof undershirts, I will follow consistent methodology for all brands I review. I am wearing these undershirts, and go about my day as usual -including  indoor and outdoors locations, and cold as well as warm areas. I wear them for 7 days and take the suggested washing care of the undershirts. At the end of the 7th day, I will summarize my experience with the undershirt.

Thompson Tee Review: Summary

Here is the bottomline if you do not want to read the full Thompson Tee review – Thompson Tee is definitely a safe choice for a sweatproof undershirt. Its a well known brand with great customer service, and undershirts that are quite effective at sweat proofing.

The quality of the fabric is a bit of let down (especially the original fit version), the fit is not the best and it does not have the odor prevention features offered by some other brands. The pricing is also on higher side compared to some other products in this category. While ThompsonTee is a well known brand, I do think there are better options out there now – definitely do your research and look at ItsDri or Ejis before you invest in ThompsonTee.

Read on below for the full Thompson Tee review if you are interested.

Thomson Tee Review: Full Details

Thompson Tee Review – Sweat Proof Performance

During the review period, I wore this undershirt in the month of June in NYC with temperatures often exceeding 80 degree fahrenheit, and was in open outdoor spaces as well as cramped indoor spaces.

Thomson Tee performs remarkably well in terms of sweat proofing performance.  The stain marks did not show up on my shirt even for once over a 7 days period. The underarm padding is a little bit heavy for my liking, but it held up well.

Thompson Tee Review – Odor Resistance

Unlike some other sweatproof undershirt brands, Thompson Tee does not have an “odor resistance” feature.  While the shirts are made up of bamboo cotton which have inherent antimicrobial properties, it does not work as well as some other brands – at the end of the day, the inner shirt does become a bit smelly.

This is not a deal breaker by any means. If you apply antiperspirant regularly and take due care of the shirt (e.g. washing it inside out), the odor is rarely worse than a regular undershirt.

Thompson Tee Review  – Fabric Quality

Thompson Tee comes in two fabric variants – original fit, and slim fit.

Original fit shirts are made up with 100% combed cotton and mostly feels like a traditional undershirt (with slightly bulgy underarm padding). The Slim Fit option uses Bamboo Cotton + Spandex which feels softer to touch, is a tad more shiny and hugs the body more closely.

The Original Fit undershirt, while work well, do not hold the shape very well after a couple of washes and you are not going to feel too good about wearing it without an outer layer.

The Slim Fit version feels much premium and look good on the body.  They also hold the shape quite well after a few washes and are quite presentable. They are still not in the same league as Modal fabric offered by some other brands, but is quite acceptable, especially at this price.

Thompson Tee Review  – Comfort

As hinted before, the Thompson Tee undershirts do feel a bit bulky under the arms. It is to be expected to certain extent as that area has triple layers to provide the sweat proof barrier. Wearing the undershirt under a tee also made me a bit hot – the sweat did not show on outer layers, but I was a bit warmer than otherwise (especially for the original fit).

The original fit undershirt fits more like a full fledged, ill-fitting tee-shirt and is a few sizes loose. The Slim fit fits well (to me, in any case). Personally, I will never be seen in the Original Fit Thompson Tee – yes, it looks that bad after one wash. The Slim fit is way more pleasing to the eyes in the way it fits the body curves.

Thompson Tee Review – Price

Thompson tee sweat proof undershirt retails for $24.99  (original fit) or $29.99 (Slim Fit), and has sort of setup the pricing benchmark for this category of undershirts. The pricing, as compared to other brands, is average.

Verdict on Thomson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

In a nutshell, Thompson Tee is a safe choice – with its excellent Sweat Proof Performance and middle tier pricing, its not a bad option at all. The fabric and the fit leaves a bit to be desired and for this reason I think ItsDri or Ejis provide much better bang for your buck. If you do decide to go for Thompson Tee for some reason, I strongly recommend going for the Slim Fit option as for $5 more, you get a much better product.

Have you tried It Thompson Tee Undershirts? If yes, please leave a review below to help your fellow hyperhidrosis patients.

Thompson Tee – User Reviews Below

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Thompson Tee
Average rating:  
 52 reviews
by Eric on Thompson Tee

This is a great shirt and super comfortable. Goodbye to the old T-shirts and hello to the new. Perfect fit, comfortable that moves with my body and fights my odor and free from stains without being notice.

by Jose on Thompson Tee

Fits perfect. Extremely comfortable and support and allows complete movement without any restriction. It doesn't hold odor and it keeps me comfortable all day long even if I work overtime.

by Sky on Thompson Tee

Love the fit of this shirt, hugs the body comfortably; definitely amazing. I only wish there was more color selections to allow matching with outer shirts; so I could purchased a new one.

by Joseph Fabiani on Thompson Tee

This shirt is just perfectly amazing. I wore it all day while at work a lot of walking and some bending down and the shirt stayed put. I also love how the shirt feels. I am a sweaty person normally and this shirt kind gave a cool feel to me all day. I’m definitely getting more of these shirts.

by Dino Crosswell on Thompson Tee

I feel the fabric is very nice and extremely comfortable, I could not ask for a better undershirt. This undershirt keeps me cool, does not bunch up and barely feels like fresh all day. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a sweat fighter.

by Ryan Tiernan on Thompson Tee

I love it. Great quality and washes nicely. This product really works. I have been looking for a solution for years and the first time I wore one of their shirts, no sweat stains! I will definitely be buying more!

by Scott Jones on Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee is wonderful it’s amazing how differently my body moves now and how free I feel to wear this shirt. It is extremely good at keeping my body cool and dry. This changed my life!

by Matthew Sanchez on Thompson Tee

GREAT PRODUCT! Comfortable and great quality tee shirt as well. The Thompson Tee is a great solution to people who have sweaty under arms. Absolutely works.

by David Maes on Thompson Tee

Saved my day, these are great! Tried one for the first time and my dress shirt stayed completely dry, it boosted my confidence, I had some problems with the pads but this didn't affect the performance of the product at all.

by Paul Gieri on Thompson Tee

Simple design fits great, easy to wash and something I can't live without. I bought one to try. After wearing it twice, I immediately purchased two more! I'm very glad to say that it works! I am in deep love with these shirts! I no longer have to wear dark shirts and jackets over them to hide huge soaking wet arm pits. This shirt is amazing.

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