Best deodorant for perspiration

    • kyler on #6858

      Do you feel sticky and discomforting when excessive sweating occurs? One of the best deodorants for keeping your underarm cool and dry in sweating or reduces the chance of those sweaty marks, is by including menthol derivatives or cooling aloe for a faster sense of coolness and freshness wherein you are more capable to move freely. Having the best deodorant for perspiration is your best shield for excessive sweating. If you don't want to go such a different process, take a cold shower, as it will help to lower your body temperature and stop sweat.


    • Keymaster
      Janice Damian on #7020

      After taking a cold shower it is still best to use an antiperspirant. For me the best is Dove Advanced Care. It has great smell.

    • Sid on #7241

      I also use Dove Advanced care for men. I use it after shower, and before going to bed. Yes, it has great smell and it really works as an antiperspirant.

    • Steph on #7436

      There are several differences between antiperspirant and deodorant. Deodorant stops odor. Antiperspirant stops sweat. People commonly make mistakes about the two. If you struggle with hyperhidrosis then you may also have a problem with stinky sweat and sweaty underarms and pit stains are no laughing matter. They ruin your shirts, cripple your social life and sap your confidence.

      You need a strong deodorant to tame those sweat glands and keep foul body odor at bay. So, if you’re looking for the best deodorant for sweat find a deodorant powerful enough to knock out that sweat, and keep you dry and fresh – that is deodorant with antiperspirant.

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