Best deodorant for perspiration

    • kyler on #6858

      Do you feel sticky and discomforting when excessive sweating occurs? One of the best deodorants for keeping your underarm cool and dry in sweating or reduces the chance of those sweaty marks, is by including menthol derivatives or cooling aloe for a faster sense of coolness and freshness wherein you are more capable to move freely. Having the best deodorant for perspiration is your best shield for excessive sweating. If you don't want to go such a different process, take a cold shower, as it will help to lower your body temperature and stop sweat.


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      Janice Damian on #7020

      After taking a cold shower it is still best to use an antiperspirant. For me the best is Dove Advanced Care. It has great smell.

    • Sid on #7241

      I also use Dove Advanced care for men. I use it after shower, and before going to bed. Yes, it has great smell and it really works as an antiperspirant.

    • Steph on #7436

      There are several differences between antiperspirant and deodorant. Deodorant stops odor. Antiperspirant stops sweat. People commonly make mistakes about the two. If you struggle with hyperhidrosis then you may also have a problem with stinky sweat and sweaty underarms and pit stains are no laughing matter. They ruin your shirts, cripple your social life and sap your confidence.

      You need a strong deodorant to tame those sweat glands and keep foul body odor at bay. So, if you’re looking for the best deodorant for sweat find a deodorant powerful enough to knock out that sweat, and keep you dry and fresh – that is deodorant with antiperspirant.

    • Ramon on #7741

      I love the fresh, masculine “Pure Sport” scent from Old Spice's Sweat Defense line. It kept me pretty dry throughout the day, performing particularly well after exercise. Still, I was a touch turned off by the initial soaking and I was really disappointed with both the application and performance of the white gel.

    • BEN on #7853

      I can recommend an antiperspirant deodorant that I tried using for my excessive sweating.
      I've been searching for deodorants that could help me with this condition, and I found out about this “Sephora Anti-perspirant deo roll on for men”. It works for me as I have not been sweating a lot since Im using it. It smells good and not too strong. It just doesn't dry right away so you have to wait for a liitle while for it to dry before putting on your shirt. Be sure to have extra of time before you apply it because you'll gonna have to spend awhile drying it in your armpit. It's a bit pricey but It'a worth it.

    • Dreanna on #8149

      Deodorants need to contain certain specific properties in order to help someone with excessive perspiration. A deodorant with strong antibacterial properties is a must. Some deodorants contain antimicrobial metal ions or antimicrobial ceramics that can help kill bacteria and prevent the formation of bad smelling molecules that result from the chemical break down of sweat. And I personally suggest Old Spice Invisible Solid. I like it because it dries quickly, goes on clear and keeps you feeling dry. You can get even more antiperspirant protection by adding a sweat proof undershirt to your routine. Thompson Tee is one of the best ones.

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