Do I have hyperhidrosis?

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        Zoey Q on #873

        Hello everyone.

        I'm 18 years old and have some problems with excessive sweating, but I am not sure if they are bad enough to be called hyperhidrosis.
        How can I tell if I have hyper hydrosis? My palms get moisty often, but they are not dripping. Is it only hyperhidrosis when sweaty plams are extremely wet? What is the difference between heavy sweating and “regular” sweating?

        And there is my other problem: sweaty feet. I am trying to wear light shoes and sandals as much as I can, because that seems to help a little. But I often feel very uncomfortable because my feet get wet enough to feel slippery if I'm not wearing socks. I talked to my parents and they say I'll grow out of this, that it's just hormones or something. I am not so sure. So, how do I recognize if my sweaty palms and feet are actually caused by hyperhidrosis?

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        Tim Fleiss on #893

        It's a common thing among teenagers to worry about. The body changes and what might seem like excess sweating can actually be perfectly normal.

        That being said, usually this misconception is related to underarm sweating, not sweaty hands and feet. Hmmm. Ask yourself a few questions – how badly does perspiration affect your everyday life? Does it happen for no apparent reason? If your answers are yes, it's likely that you really have hyperhidrosis.

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        Elena V. on #903

        I agree with Tim. And sweating a lot from your palms and feet specifically… looks like it might be hyperhidrosis. If that's the case, it will mean you have a combination of palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Of course, you will need to talk to your doctor to be certain.

        In the meantime I hope this link will help you:

        If it turns out that you really have hyperhidrosis, don't worry! Some of us here have yearlong experience in dealing with this condition and will gladly share tips on how to stop sweaty hands or how to stop sweating in general. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Ramona on #991

        From the looks of it, perhaps I do not have hyperhidrosis after all… In my case, every episode of profuse sweating gets triggered by increased nervousness and anxiety. When this happens, I have problems with everything: excessive armpit sweating, excessive head sweating… I also tend to get sweaty palms and feet – and especially palms. ^___^
        The sweating is definitely strong, but if it's always neatly triggered by high anxiety, perhaps this is not about hyper hydrosis after all?

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        Zoey Q on #994

        Thanks for the useful input, guys! (and girlz! ;))

        Ask yourself a few questions โ€“ how badly does perspiration affect your everyday life? Does it happen for no apparent reason? If your answers are yes, itโ€™s likely that you really have hyperhidrosis.

        Yes and Yes. So that would mean i need professional help, huh? ๐Ÿ™ Not a happy thought… But I was sort of afraid this is the case. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        Ramona, I think it is hyperhidrosis if the excess sweating is strong enough to affect your life in a bad way. There are many possible hyperhidrosis causes… I'm guessing that anxiety is also one of them.. โ“

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