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        Flo on #1734

        Hey everyone,

        My name is Florence. I had a miraDry procedure eight months ago (and subsequently a second procedure five months ago), so I would say that I am probably qualified to answer some of your questions here – if you have any questions about undergoing the miraDry procedure itself.

        Keep in mind that I am not an expert – I am just an ex hyperhidrosis patient with a firsthand experience.

        I wasn't sure which of the old threads to use, so it felt best to make my own. 😉

        You can also read a summary of my miraDry story here.

        I hope I will be able to help someone else. 🙂


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        alice on #6641

        I have been suffering from sweaty armpits since 4th grade, every day I wear a baggie long sleeved jacket and I have to even in the summer because it so bad, I’ve tried a lot of antiperspirants for men and woman and nothing helps, i even have a dance coming up and I really want to go it’s just I don’t want to wear a jacket all the time! , I hate it. I'll just be at school, when I realize my whole underarm is wet, and then I get conscious and keep my arms by my side because I am so worried anyone will see. I haven't tried any methods or deodorants, even when it’s cold out I sweat like crazy someone help.

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        Steve on #1876

        Hi Florence!

        I've just read your hyperhidrosis story and in one place you wrote:

        I wanted something that will cure me – something that will let me forget that I ever had hyperhidrosis.

        So, what I'd like to know is: did this wish of yours come true? Did miraDry really help you forget you have (or should I say had?) hyperhidrosis ?

        Apart from that, I am really thankful to read all that detail on miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment itself. I read some superficial information on miraDry previously, but this was the first time that I was able to conjure a vivid image of how it must be.

        I am still not sure what to make of it, but this vivid description actually makes miraDry more realistic in my mind – I hope this type of hyperhidrosis treatment will prove to be permanent for you – let us know if your hyperhidrosis ever returns!

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