Fischer Galvanic: Analog (MD-1a) VS. Digital (MD-2)

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      Plastic Pete on #1173

      After talking to my doctor and looking into my health plan, I have discovered that I can get a prescription to buy an R.A. Fischer Galvanic iontophoresis unit. Unfortunately, if I want the said prescription and a financial reimbursement from my health plan, my choices are limited – it pretty much comes to Analog vs. Digital Fischer model.

      I did some research and found a comparison of these two models.
      Clearly, MD-2 offers a lot more, but the difference in price is $300. I don't know what amount of money I will be reimbursed, so opting for an MD-2 feels risky. Is the difference in price really worth it? I think I might get most of the costs covered if I buy MD-1a, so I'm really leaning towards buying that one… Please warn me if you think this is a bad idea!


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      Wallace Trent on #1175

      Heyya, please toss a look at my review of MD-1a. That's my experience with this device in a nutshell, and I really don't know what else to add. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me. I've had this for years so I could probably help you. 😀

      I have never used MD-2 so I cannot compare the two. I'd say that a digital unit definitely looks better, but if the money is an issue, maybe you should take MD-1a.


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      Lucas on #1176

      Hi. My opinion is that MD-1a leaves much to be desired. I sweat a lot and I used both R.A. Fischers and MD-2 is a huge improvement – just look at those listed features carefully and you'll understand what I mean if you think about it for a moment. An iontophoresis machine is something you'll have to use indefinitely if you want to stop sweating. It comes down to this: invest more now, and you'll be glad you did every time you have a hyperhidrosis treatment later. 😀

      Btw, only buy an iontophoresis machine if you're willing to commit yourself to it – it takes some discipline to make it completely stop excessive sweating.


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      Plastic Pete on #1322

      In the end I opted for a Digital Fischer Galvanic Unit. So far I am happy with my choice. MD-2 looks really good, precise and is easily programmable. 🙂
      The first treatments went ok, but I am still waiting for full results to show. I will switch over to maintenance treatments probably in about 10 days or something like that. Wish me luck!

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