Hyperhidrosis at Workplace

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        Zoey Q on #1162

        Well, not only workplace, but also career in general. Is hyperhidrosis affecting your professional life a lot? Can you find a way around it?

        What careers should I cross out from the start if I have mild palmar hyperhidrosis? I also have sweaty feet, but this is less obvious in everyday life.

        Wiser and more experienced HH sufferers, please share a few advices on this. 😉 Profuse sweating has already made a negative impact on my academic life, so now I have started to worry about the way excess sweating will affect my career someday. I know it will… but hopefully my professional life will still stand a chance.

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        JennyDale on #1195

        Here's one very bleak take on that:

        Hyperhidrosis can be not only socially a problem, but may not allow people to have careers in areas that contact paper, metal or electrical components.
        Hyperhidrosis can also damage clothing, shoes and furniture too.

        Not very encouraging, I know. 🙁
        I you don't know how to reduce sweating on your feet, I guess you couldn't be a dancer or something along that line. Something that takes great hands precision is also off limits if you sweat too much on your hands. I doubt there are any surgeons with palmar hyperhidrosis. 🙁

        Then again, look – people who are determined enough can overcome the greatest obstacles! Don't let your heavy sweating ruin your ambitions for the future in so soon. You never know if tomorrow someone will discover a hyperhidrosis cure…

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        Anil Shah on #5623

        Hi, there are ways to decrease sweating. Please see below.

        There are a variety of techniques to decrease sweating under the arms:

        • Botox- Botox is helpful in that it can decrease the production of sweat but not odor.  It typically lasts about 6 months in the under arm area.
        • Miradry-  Miradry uses microwave energy to destroy apocrine and eccrine glands.  It is better at eccrine gland destruction than apocrine and is currently only used on the underarm area.
        • RF needling- Can be used anywhere on the body and can destroy both apocrine and eccrine glands.  Has become the procedure of choice in my practice for hyperhidrosis due to its effectiveness.
        • Nerve ablation-Not commonly performed anymore as side effects are often worse than treatment and effectiveness is often limited.
        • Oral medications- Too many side effects to be effective.
        • Topical medications- Works by blocking glands.  Many patients state how not effective mechanism.

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