Hyperhidrosis – is it genetics?

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        Rohit on #604

        Did anyone in your extended family had Hyperhidrosis? Please share if you think that your Hyperhidrosis is a function of your genes.

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        back fish on #747

        I do think it's partly genetics and partly a psychological issue.

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        Elena V. on #790

        I really went back and forth trying to figure this out. At first, I thought my excessive sweating is caused by puberty. I waited for it to pass, but you can guess that never happened.

        Since no one in my family has the same problem, I never thought to blame this on genetics. However, once I stopped hiding my condition and started talking to people, I've discovered that my aunt (on my mother's side) suffers from excessive armpit sweating. From what I read, in some cases people can carry the gene and not have hyperhidrosis. I guess it is possible I got this gene from my mother.

        I'm not sure how to feel about it – on the bright side, if my hyperhidrosis is caused by genetics, it's not “my fault”. But then, I can't really hope to fix it with willpower, can I? 😕

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        Wallace Trent on #802

        Yeah, there are a few cases in my family. My brother and father always had sweaty palms, but their problems were never as strong as mine. This is why I didn't even think I have hyperhidrosis until I started comparing myself to friends and other people (also, my sweaty palms got worse with age.)
        It seems that palmar hyperhidrosis runs in our family in varying degrees, so yeah, I would say genetics play a role. I talked to my physician and he said it certainly is a possibility.

        Well at least we can share my iontophoresis machine – that thing keeps traveling between our homes… 😆

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        Toby on #895

        I cannot remember hyperhidrosis being a big issue in my family – but it is possible that my late mother had it. Father is not sure, however.

        Hopefully, it's not genetics in my case. My oldest son is 16 and I am getting increasingly worried that I passed hyperhidrosis to him. My wife has zero problems with excess sweating, so if any of our children will have hyperhidrosis, I'm sure it will be my fault. It is really difficult to live with that fear. 😐

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