Lemon juice in Iontophoresis?!

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        Zoey Q on #1507


        Did you hear that lemon juice is supposed to help reduce sweating? I read many advices which recommend applying lemon juice to armpits in the evening, and so on. Okay, I get that. However, I'm surprised by some of the suggestions I saw – that adding lemon juice to the tap water in iontophoresis helps increase its effects! I mean, does that really work?

        My worries are that:
        1. lemon acid might somehow damage some parts of the iontophoresis machine
        2. couldn't it also irritate skin if used in iontophoresis? I have a feeling I'd get an itch under my skin 😯

        Uh, I don't know… I find the idea fascinating and scary!

        Lemon juice + tap water combination – yay or nay?!

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        Toby on #1671

        I was curious and tried adding lemon juice once when doing iontophoresis for my feet. I did not notice any special improvement, so I dropped the experimenting – as you wrote, better not to risk damaging the device itself!

        As for my skin, there were no “itchy” or other unpleasant side effects. To answer your question, it's neither yay nor nay… Just “meh”, I suppose. It was the same iontophoresis for me with or without lemon, and the effect on my sweaty feet was also the same.

        But, maybe my tap water is good to begin with. Maybe lemon plays a more significant role when iontophoresis is done with tap water of lesser quality. ❓

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