Miradry to stop underarm sweating?

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        Jojo Santos on #8668

        Hello everyone,

        I am new to this group. I also had hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating in my underarm is so annoying, and sometimes it cause bad odor, too. I went to my dermatologist. First the recommended clinical strength deodorant then drysol, but my skin super sensitive. I could not use it. Then they gave me prescription medication (oxybutynin). Also I don't like to take medication so I asked the doctors suggested another treatment. He recommend Miradry. I was wondered if any one had done this before. Does it really work? What is the difference between Miradry and endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS)?

        Thank you

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        Rachel on #8706

        I had MiraDry treatment two months ago. The treatment hurt a bit and I had swelling and lumps right after. My swelling and lumps have now vanished but my sweating has not gone away completely. I would say that only around 75% of my sweat has gone.

        Before the procedure, I only used prescription-strength antiperspirant, but I've found that natural deodorant enough to give me a smooth, fresh feeling.

        My underarm hair hasn't quite disappeared either, although it grows less quickly than before. While I used to shave about three to four times a week, I only do it once a week now.

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        Irene on #9717

        I also suffer from excessive sweating in my underarms even when I’m cold. This situation is really embarrassing. Because not only I sweat profusely, but also I can smell my own odor. It really affected my self confidence, keeping my school blazer on even on summer. I’d spray on lots of perfume and even got to the point where I’d just spray antiperspirant on top of my clothes, which of course never worked.

        I heard about this Miradry that promised to permanently and dramatically reduce underarm sweat. I know I must try it. It’s odd, I suppose having any procedure on your armpits is going to be a little out of the ordinary though.

        For a few days post-procedure, my armpits were swollen, sore but dry – an amazing feeling when you’ve been damp your whole life. I stuck to loose clothing; stretching my arms overhead to wash my hair was a little uncomfortable. It took about two weeks for things to return to normal.

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