Renting an Iontophoresis Machine – Yes or No?

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        Elena V. on #1641

        This Robert's post drew my attention to a great way one can try out iontophoresis without buying an iontophoresis machine right away.

        Since Fischer Galvanic machines are already well known for their quality, I don't mind that they are the only available machines in these offers, but the main dilemma is: is renting better than buying?

        To me it seems that renting is only preferable if you are planning to buy a Fischer Galvanic, but want to be 100% sure that iontophoresis works for you before you actually make the final decision. In the long run, I think I would rather buy an iontophoresis device as soon as it proves itself to be effective. That way, I don't have to worry about future expenses.

        And what do you think? Other opinions are more than welcome!

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        Toby on #1669

        In my experience, renting a Fischer Galvanic was a wise call. It removed the fear of “what if I throw my money away”, and it alleviated all worries my wife had about the effect a bought iontophoresis device would have on our monthly budget.

        This way, it was one small cost to begin with, and after proving itself as a wise investment, buying Fischer Galvanic was a safe call. To be honest, I would rather rent a Hidrex device, since they also come with back applicators, but they don't have this option (at least where I live). It ended up being fine either way.

        So, renting is definitely good as a temporary solution, but once you try it out, I advise you to buy the device.

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        Brittany Davidson on #1693

        Now I don't understand. Many manufacturers have a sound return policy for iontophoresis machines. I know that Hidrex does, and Idromed does too (up to 8 weeks!), and Fischer Galvanic probably also has one… And probably others do, too.

        What's the great advantage of renting-to-try-it-out, if you can simply order the device, also try it out – use it for a few weeks to see if it can actually reduce sweating, and then if it you are not satisfied, you just return it and get a refund! Maybe you will have to pay the posting costs, but they can't be bigger than a renting cost.

        So, what's the deal? I don't want to be rude here, I am just generally curious! =)

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        Toby on #1695

        Well you see for me it's psychological. I was relaxed when I rented a device, because I did not feel the obligation to keep it.

        First of all, I don't think it's fair to order an iontophoresis device if you're not serious about it. I would just feel like some sort of a fraud, giving them my money when I'm actually half-planning to take it back.

        Secondly, what if I change my mind? I try the ordered device – my Fischer Galvanic, for instance – and decide that it's not worth it. Then I return it and get my money back. And then, months later, I realize that I've been doing something wrong with my iontophoresis (or for any other reason change my mind), and want to buy a Fischer Galvanic yet again.

        How would that look? Maybe the company would even refuse to sell me the device again, in case they keep track of those things.

        So, I'm all for buying and returning a device if you do it honestly: buying it with the real intention of owning it. But if you are buying it just to try it out… That feels wrong.

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        Brittany Davidson on #1698

        Oh I see. And no, I am not buying an iontophoresis device – as I said, I'm just generally curious. And, I really already have my own iontophoresis device, and it works fine against my sweaty feet. So, no worries. 🙂

        However, I saw the Fischer Galvanic discount code here on the website, and came back to see what that renting business is all about.

        In the end, the only thing I might do is actually rent Fischer Galvanic for a month, just to compare its performance with my current device. That sounds like a good and fair idea, right? And you know, technology moves forward, so it is always good to try out new models.

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        Toby on #1699

        Yeah, I agree about trying out things, though you should also be careful not to disrupt your maintenance routine. Maybe try using the same current settings even with the new device? In any case, be careful. The summer is coming (this sounds like something out of GoT), and that's not the best time of year to experiment with your hyperhidrosis treatment, if you ask me.

        P.S. In iontophoresis, newer models are usually better. I would definitely recommend Fischer Galvanic MD-2 model if you decide to rent one.

        P.P.S. What iontophoresis device are you using right now? You never mentioned it in your post…

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        mthmynora on #1738

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