Hyperhidrosis and Love (My Story)


Sometimes it feels like I have it all. And before you start envying me, what I mean is that I have: sweaty palms, sweaty feet, sweaty underarms, sweaty back… Sweaty, sweaty, everywhere! It is maddening.

But there is one great way hyperhidrosis affected my life: I met my wife thanks to hyperhidrosis. Yes, indeed. On college, I was allowed to take up a substitute class instead of P.E., because of my condition. That class was a sort of a college chess club. Some people attended it as an extra-curriculum activity, while others were like me – attending it to get substitute points for P.E. My wife was there because she participated in tournaments competitively, and they paired us when I first arrived so that she can teach me how to play. The rest is history! Or fate. I think that meeting her was the first step toward feeling better about having hyperhidrosis. Until then, I was deeply unhappy about my life, but meeting her turned it all around. She was full of understanding and accepted everything about me. And I met her thanks to hyperhidrosis. Imagine that.

Today, I can cope with the help of antiperspirants for my sweaty back and underarms, and iontophoresis for my palms and feet.

My first iontophoresis attempts were with a homemade iontophoresis machine. This was tricky to assemble, but the treatments reduced my sweating for about 30%. Then I decided to get a real device. This was partly due to the Fischer Galvanic rental program, which allowed me to try out an iontophoresis machine, and then buy it later. It took several weeks to properly get used to the Fischer machine, but it was infinitely better than a homemade one.

The main problem that remains is night sweating in the summertime. This year I will see about using glycopyrrolate to fight off night sweating. If this works, I will feel like a new man. Just keeping fingers crossed that my physician will approve this.

My main fear these days is that my son will inherit hyperhidrosis from me. That terrifies me. So far, he seems fine, and I hope it will stay that way. For me, that will be a small but meaningful victory against hyperhidrosis, even if I'm not the one to reap the benefits.


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  1. Oh that’s such a sweet story! 🙂 I mean, the whole meeting-your-love part, not the hyperhidrosis part.

    Though, the two are connected… and that’s maybe the nicest part of your story. I never really thought about that, but it’s true that without hyperhidrosis, I wouldn’t be ME. Though, to be honest, I’d still rather be rid of excess sweating … But, your post is a nice reminder that maybe, just maybe, hyperhidrosis brought something good into our lives, without us really ever being aware of that. So, thank you for that nice reminder. 🙂

    Oh, and good luck with using medications this summer. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I also have HH and that’s one of my greatest fears too. While my condition, plantar/palmer, is not as severe as other and have led a mostly happy, productive life, it has impacted me professionally, socially, and romantically.

    Do you have any information of genetic linkage to HH and what side it’s inherited some? Does anyone else in your family have it?

  3. Beautiful to overcome difficulties and eventually success! My boyfriend has always accepted my condition, and he doesn’t matter when I have sweaty palms and do not want to hold hands…He is soo understanding and I am soo grateful for that 😀

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