As I have been promising for a long time, here is a guide to make Iontophoresis device at home.

I have covered Iontophoresis machines, how these work, the options available in market etc in separate posts, so I would not repeat those here. However, you should check out my experience with homemade iontophoresis machine – it may help you to decide if its for you.

In any case, watch the following video that I created – apologies for the video quality! If I get enough interest in the video, I will update this with a better quality one soon.

Here are the items you would need to make the iontophoresis machine at home… its actually pretty easy, so give it a try. At under $40, it can save you some serious money!


Homemade Iontophoresis Machine - 12 Volt BatteryHomemade Iontophoresis Machine - Lead With Alligator ClipHomemade Iontophoresis Machine - Aluminium Pie
  1. 12 Volt Batteryhere is where you can find the one I used.
  2. Lead with Alligator ClipI used these
  3. Aluminium Piethese do the job well



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