Hypehidrosis is not an easy condition to talk about, much less in full public view on internet. So, kudos to people who choose to talk about their Hyperhidrosis on blogs and help generate awareness about this awkward disease.

Ultimately we want to compile a top 10 blogs on Hyperhidrosis list. But we are starting with the three pretty good ones we have found. So if you know anyone else who should be on this list, please leave a comment and we'll profile them.

Best of Hyperhidrosis Blogs

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1. Sweaty Palms Diaries: Stories of People With Hyperhidrosis


First person account by Tiara.. well researched, well presented. Not a typical sob story about how Hyperhidrosis ruined her life, but a very positive message about healing yourself.Highly recommended!

  2. Just a Little Sweat


A very personal blog Hyperhidrosis. Talks about the authors experiences as a patient and provides several useful first hand tips to handle the sweaty palms in social situations.

  3. Hyperhidrosis – My Life as a Puddle


Not as well organized or kept as the others on this list, this blog is still worth a look. The author shares her personal experiences, product reviews focused on hyperhidrosis patients and other things.. might be an effort to find what you are looking for though

4. Sweaty Palm Diary

Sweaty Palms Diary

This one is very specific – about author's experience post ETS surgery. There aren't too many posts as the author had the surgery in 2011 and since then its just status updates once in a while. However, it is well written and informative, especially for someone looking for ETS surgery for Hyperhidrosis.

5.  My Life With Hyperhidrosis Chey-Annedee

My Life With Hyperhidrosis – chey-annedee

Chey Ann Dee YouTube



I discovered this one very recently when she got in touch with me offering a review of my book “No Sweat!”.  She has a great Tumblr Blog where she writes about lots of stuff, including her Hyperhidrosis and has a great following. Also, she has a great youtube channel with tips regarding Hypehidrosis. Check her out.. solid tips on managing Hyperhidrosis.