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Tried Iontophoresis treatment at a doctor's place, and ready to buy it so that you can continue to get the treatment at home at your own convenience? There is no dearth of options for buying iontophoresis machines in the market – both offline as well as online, and it is often difficult for a non-professional to select the one for his/her requirements. I have provided a quick overview of the popular iontophoresis machines available in market in another post.

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What to consider while buying Iontophoresis Machine

What to consider while buying Iontophoresis Machine

In this article, we have laid out some of the key things you should consider while choosing the right iontophoresis machine for you:

1. Cost of Iontophoresis Machine

If you have done any research you probably already know that the cost of iontophoresis device varies widely, ranging from $50 to over $1000. So, before you get into the market, it helps to narrow your choices by how much you are willing to spend on the machine. Note that more features (and higher price) does not mean a better iontophoresis treatment performance.


  • Be especially aware of the battery costs (in case you go for a DC powered device). Many of the iontophoresis machines on the market come with proprietary batteries and the lifetime costs for such devices may be much higer than those supporting general batteries or those working on AC current.
  • A basic iontophoresis device, providing good treatment, but without a lots of bells and whistles will likely cost you about $500 – $700
  • If you are really on budget, it is very easy to build a fully functional iontophoresis device at home. A separate post covers that.
  • If you are in US, your insurance may cover the cost of the machine, provided you fulfill certain requirements.. So be sure to check that option out.
  • If you are going to buy Fischer Iontophoresis machines (one of the better choices if you have a prescription, and are in USA), you may as well use the discount code hhn75 – an exclusive offer to the readers of this website. This code gets you $75 off on Fischer MD2 Iontophoresis device (or you can use hhn50 for a $50 discount on Fischer Md-1a machine)

2. Portability of Iontophoresis Machine

If you travel a lot and would like to continue the iontophoresis treatment while on the move, you need to consider the portability of the machines. Many machines are bulky, have wires dangling out and/or work only on a particular electricity voltage. If you are travelling, you probably want a compact machine with (preferably) its own case that is easy to carry along.


  • For some iontophoresis machines, the case is designed so that it opens up to two trays to dip your hand/feet in. This is quite neat, and saves space.

3. Features of Iontophoresis Machine

Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis is a very simple process – basically, you need to let a very low voltage (12 – 20 volt) electricity current pass through your palms/feet for a fixed period (10-20 minutes). That's about it. However, this simple process can be enhanced through several additional features to make the task easy:

  • Current Type (AC/DC) – Iontophoresis machines running on AC current do not need periodic battery replacements, and some say that they have better results (no substantiated evidence). Also, these machines are a bit more comfortable (no mild shock at the entry/exit). At the same time, you need an electric outlet for having this treatment and that may not work well if you travel a lot.
  • Safety Features – especially important for AC powered machines. Ensure that the machine has the safety features to prevent you from getting a shock if the voltage transformer does not work for whatever reason. This is extremely rare, but cannot hurt to be protected.
  • Battery type (disposable or rechargeable) – If you go for a battery operated (instead of main powered) iontophoresis machine, battery costs can swell up unless the machine runs on generic batteries (as opposed to proprietary batteries provided by the manufacturer)
  • Voltage adjustment  – Most of machines will allow you to adjust the voltage. You dont really need much adjustments for this treatment, and sophistication in voltage control (range, increments) is not really a big deal for iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis.
  • Timer – Some of the machines may also provide a timer to let you know when the 10-15 minute period is over. Its not a big deal and should not be a deal breaker in our opinion
  • Lights/Indicators – Some machines come with LED lights to indicate when your hands/feet are conducing electricity, batter status. These are good to have, but do not affect the quality of hyperhidrosis treatment

4. Manufacturer Policy

  • Return policy – Many manufacturers provide a limited duration return policy in case you don't like the machine or the treatment does not work for you. Ensure that your manufacturer has a flexible return policy.
  • Warranty – Most manufacturers will provide a limited warranty for the iontophoresis machine performance.

5. Where to buy iontophoresis machine from

Once you know which ionto machine you want to buy based on the above mentioned criteria, you can then get the machine from several different channels (online, phone, orthrough your medical provider). The most convenient way, perhaps is to order online. You can also call the distributors and in most cases they are very helpful on the phone too. Depending on your location, and whether or not you have a prescription for the machine, the below mentioned distributors provide excellent service and return policy

  • RA Fischer
    • You need prescription to get ionto devices from RA Fischer. If you do not have a prescription, RA Fischer (+1 800-525-3467) can help you find a dermatologist in your area who can prescribe one.
    • You can buy the machine at official RA Fischer Website. The credit card is charged only after they receive prescription from your medical provider. So its safe to place an order even if you do not have a prescription yet.
    • Don't forget to use the coupon code hhn50 to get $50 off Fischer MD-1a (or hhn75 to get $75 off on Fischer MD2 machine)
  • Hidrex
    • You need prescription to get ionto devices from official Hidrex distributor in US
    • You can buy the machine at Hidrex USA website if you are in US
    • Don't forget to use the coupon code HHN10 to get 10% off!
    • If you do not have a prescription, or are outside of US, you can get the machine from European distributor who ships worldwide
  • Idromed
    • Idromed does not have a US distributor as of now
    • You can get the machine from European distributor who ships worldwide
  • Drionic
    • Drionic devices do not require a prescription
    • You can get the Drionic machine from Amazon and take advantage of Amazon's excellent return policies
    • You can also order the device from manufacturer website

Hope the this post helps you in identifying and getting the iontophoresis device that works for you. You may want to check out this brief overview of the top iontophoresis machines in market today that provides a quick comparison of the top models across the various selection criterion. Also, you can use Iontophoresis Device Recommendation tool to identify the ideal iontophoresis machine you should get for your specific situation. This site also has a dedicated forum for discussing iontophoresis related issues – you can ask any other questions you might have.


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